30 Reasons You Should Buy a Home in OKarche, Oklahoma

Introduction: Announcing the 30 Reasons for Buying a Home in Okarche and What Makes it an Awesome Place to Live

Okarche is a town of 1,424 people on the northeast edge of Oklahoma. The city is just south of Ponca City, the county seat of Kay County Oklahoma. Okarche’s early history was heavily influenced by the discovery and development of oil and gas in the area. Wildlife and water sports are also a large part of the area’s make-up.
Okarche’s living and population statistics:
Population: 1,760
Median Age: 41.6 years old.
Median Age By Sex: Female median age = 41.3 years; Male median age = 41.8 years.
Fresh Graduates(2014-2015): 2,586 Singles; 2,509 Doubles; 2,313 Houses with Children in Foster Care; 1,722 Households with One Cat or Dog for a Total of $1.1 Million in Earned Income.
$116,761 Median Household Income.
5% of Population is Foreign-Born.
6,082 Females 25 Years and Over; 3,957 Males 25 Years and Over; 1,863 Teenage Girls (13-19); 1,951 Teenage Boys (13-19); 1,031 Young Adult Women (20-24); 901 Young Adult Men (20-24).
12 Single Family Homes Sold in 2014.
20 Single Family Homes Sold in 2015.
1,773 Nominal Families or Households.
Dwellings Occupied: 1,237 (Single Occupancy: 169) Two-Occupancy: 621 (Single Occupancy: 80) Three-Occupancy: 622; Four-Occupancy: 741; Five or More Occupancies in Dwellings are Recorded as Ann and Helen Nelson who have 26 adults related to them in the house.”

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