An Introduction to Honda’s New Power Steering Pump System

Must-Have Feature: The Honda New Power Steering Pump System

The new pump system mounts inside the power steering rack and uses a remote reservoir, eliminating the need for plumbing. The pump design provides greater capacity for higher power steering packages and increases reliability compared to past designs. Honda states a 10 year service life for the new pump system on vehicles equipped with power steering. [END ARTICLE START]
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In previous Civic models, the power steering pump was mounted in the reservoir neck, which attached to the power steering rack behind the front axle. In this system, water enters a small inlet and flows through a hose to a tube that attaches to the rack. Built into this tube is an air-actuated piston that pushes fluid from the tube through a vent to an inlet on top of the reservoir. The fluid then flows into an intermediate compartment before reaching the pump. The pump uses an impeller to push fluid through a hose that feeds into the reservoir.

2007 honda civic power steering pump
2007 honda civic power steering pump