Android Productivity – 9 Winona St North Providence, RI

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We’re a company that likes to innovate and disrupt the status quo. We like to make apps for productivity and business management, like this one called ‘appy’. It’s a very EASY and INTUITIVE app to use. Think WORD and Excel on steroids.
For example, say you have a business and you’re managing things like expenses, purchases, sales, money owed to you etc. This app allows you to input the information so fast and conveniently. Then all of a sudden when you look up it’s easier to manage your finances!
We’re going to be on Kickstarter soon asking for funds. We would like video testimonials. We will match whatever we get via Kickstarter up to an amount of $$$.
We have a beta version, but a lot of stuff still needs to be done to finish it up. Here are a few screenshots for you.
There’s about 10 screens in total, including the main one which you see when starting the app. <3 [more]
*This is our theme song! (that’s all we use on our website so far. We will put up a video that looks like it’s of the app being used)

9 winona st north providence ri
9 winona st north providence ri