Are Adam and Eve in Hell? What You Should Know before You Get Married

#10 | Are Adam And Eve In Hell?

The bible does not state if Adam and Eve are in hell. Hell is a concept in Christianity where people who have committed sins go after they die to pay for those sins. The bible states that the people are judged and their place in heaven or hell is decided by their sins. It is not clear what Adam and Eve sinned; they may not have committed any sins. This means that they may be living in a paradise created for them on Earth, or just died without being put in a specific place. My first reaction to this is ‘Why would God create a paradise for them on Earth if they are in hell?’
Secondly, why would the writers of the Bible state that the place of Adam and Eve’s afterlife was not decided by their sins?! They do this by saying that the Garden of Eden was created for them. If they did not commit any sins, then why would God make a paradise out of clay, wood and dirt? A paradise should be eternal or at least have no end. It should have no limits or boundaries.
There are no biblical verses that state that Adam and Eve are in hell. There is nothing in the bible about this. The bible also does not even state what type of sins Adam and Eve did commit to be sent to hell; it just states that they were sent there.

are adam and eve in hell
are adam and eve in hell