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Oak Island – the world’s largest oil discovery. California’s Legacy of Poverty.

William “Billy” Gerhardt is the CEO of Oak Island Ventures International, a privately held oil and gas company. He has just made an offer to purchase Oak Island for $2.5 billion. The asking price has been $3 billion, but not surprising in this economy, the seller is cutting his price to sell quickly. Bill Gerhardt made his fortune in the oil fields of Southern California.
Billy Gerhardt began his career working for his father in the oil fields of Los Angeles. He was skilled at finding pockets of oil and gas that were not on the surface, but under the surface. In 1993 Billy Gerhardt, using his newly acquired skills, discovered California’s largest reservoir of oil. The discovery changed Billy’s life forever. He had found an estimated 5 billion barrels of crude oil in the Mojave Desert near Edwards Air Force Base (Edwards AFB-Dry Lake).
Some called the find the greatest oil discovery in the United States in this century. It was certainly one of the largest.

billy gerhardt net worth 2020 oak island
billy gerhardt net worth 2020 oak island

How Bill Gerhardt Net Worth Is Calculated and How Much is What?

bill gerhardt net worth is mostly from managing a billion dollar company that has the world’s largest oil discovery. The asset of this company is that it owns a piece of land on oak island in nova scotia canada. Oak island is a small privately owned island off the coast of canada, 3 miles long and 1 mile across.the island seems to have been inhabited since the beginning of the 16 century.
There is a lot of theories about why the island had been inhabited, some say that it was used by pirates and other criminals, others believe that the old Norse canadians has lived there before them. One theory is that they used to throw sacrifices on there , and only few people know this secret, including Bill gerhardt’s uncle.
The most controversial theory about the island’s history is that the canadian government has buried some gold treasure there. The government has done many studies on this island and they have found only marine shells and fossils, no gold treasure whatsoever. This theory could be true though but there is no way of telling, weather it will ever be possible to find the treasure.
There are many theories about how the people had been killed on this island and maybe only a few people knows how they were killed. Theories about these murders include mass killings, strangulations and murder by hanging, murder by poison and knife, murders using spears and arrows, fires and so on. This is just a small number of the theories that people has come up with but as this island never been explored, we’ll never know the truth behind this mystery.

billy gerhardt net worth 2020 oak island
billy gerhardt net worth 2020 oak island

An in-depth article on the history of Oak Island with Author Tommy Young who survived being buried up to his neck in oil sand when a well exploded under his boat. He also discusses his thoughts on the future of Oak Island and what a successful project might look like.

Bill Gerhardt made his money from the best geologists available, owning oil wells and an oil company. The additional bonuses of owning an island in one of the most beautiful locations in the world are priceless.
Oak Island has suffered many major problems such as landslides, earthquakes and fires. The island is located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. Oak Island has been under a lot of research ever since the 1700’s in which time there have been over a thousand excavations. The first recorded attempt at excavating Oak Island was by Daniel McGinnis and his friends from Liverpool, England who tried to find the treasure some believe lies buried on Oak Island. In 1795, McGinnis hired a local man named Anthony Vaughan and two additional workers. In total the excavation was about 10 feet deep and 16 feet wide.

billy gerhardt net worth 2020 oak island
billy gerhardt net worth 2020 oak island