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Introduction: A guide for finding Jeff Craddock’s contact details in an easy-to-read google search engine.

Seeking to find an address for Jeff Craddock, you type his name into a search engine. The outcome? No luck! You inevitably come across the following webpage which not only provides contact details but has links to various social media platforms. It is fairly easy to establish Jeff Craddock’s name as an authority when it comes to Pawnbrokers. But imagine IF you can’t find that much about him.
I thought it would be a good idea to create a guide to help pawnbrokers when searching for Jeff Craddock’s contact details. I have therefore used this guide – in conjunction with Tronc’s search engine, google – to provide the necessary detail regarding where Jeff Craddock is actually located.
The entire article can be found here on the Tronc website…
Jeff Craddock is a graduate of the University of Birmingham. However, his ‘Blues Bros’ (a band)[i] fame is limited to central England – as he has not played with this touring band since the early 2000s.
The band was formed in 1994 and was named after Jeff Craddock’s interests in blues music, at the time. The name itself however derives from a part of central London that used to be known as ‘Blues Harp Lane’.
The band’s name was inspired by Jeff Craddock and guitarist Mark Bedford’s knowledge of blues music, as they were frequent visitors to the Blues Harp Lane area, in London.

where is jeff craddock of greenbrier pawn
where is jeff craddock of greenbrier pawn

Where Is Jeff Craddock On Facebook

Jeff Craddock is on facebook. He has an official website, but the link to this is not easily found. Instead, it takes you to a page entitled ‘Jeff Craddock’ where he has been tagged in numerous photographs of all shades of colour. In one picture a young man is seen giving an interview but with no video or audio available. This is no doubt the picture that featured in his media release. In another photograph he is seen smiling for the cameras in a shop filled with novelty items.
Another website was uncovered in a search engine but it contained no link to Jeff. It apparently contained information relating to Greenbrier Pawn, where he works as manager.
There were two other news articles which were found relating to him: one containing information on the closure of a local high school and another containing information on the death of a local teenager. These were copied verbatim to be used as research.
Jeff Craddock is the manager of Greenbrier Pawn in Greenbrier, Arkansas. He works full time and has no other jobs, according to his Facebook and LinkedIn pages. He is 57 years old and married with two children. The Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was a guest at his son’s wedding in 2013.

where is jeff craddock of greenbrier pawn
where is jeff craddock of greenbrier pawn