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Here’s Your Next-Gen Phone Drying Rack for Your Iphone or Galaxy

Also, it might be good for heavy things like wet towels. But after a few days of drying iPhones, the weight of all those phones might cause the hook to dent your sink. Your fancy phone will be fine but you’ll have to replace your sink!
I think it would be fun to use a drying rack for all the washcloths and towels I collect, but I had a hard time finding a knock-off style drying rack for smartphones that was sturdy enough for that purpose.
More than anything, I wanted to dry out my iPhone 4S on the wall of my kitchen, but there are so many levers, rollers, hooks and nooks and crannies in a kitchen that this one seemed like an impossible task.
What I really needed was one sturdy hook where I could easily dry my phone.
The trick was finding a wall hook that would hold my phone without sagging and without creating an awkward balancing act to hang it.
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700 jessie st st paul mn
700 jessie st st paul mn

iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S6 – Which One Should You Buy?

The IPHONE 7 is the seventh generation of the same thing. The GALAXY S6 is a brand new design, a new OS and some different features. You might want to side with the IPHONE 7 because you’re used to it or you like the idea of Apple’s closed ecosystem. Or if you have an iPhone 6 you might be willing to upgrade, but wait a few months to see what kind of battery life your next phone will have. The GALAXY S6 has everything you like about Apple’s products and none of their limitations. It’s got the same processor and RAM as the iPhone 7, but a bigger screen, sorta. The larger screen means a better video experience or even watching movies on the device itself. You can also watch all the latest 4K movies on it. The GALAXY S6 has a USB Type-C connector which means faster charging, no more fumbling with the tiny lightning connector and you can even charge other devices with it.
If you’re into virtual reality, gaming or want to edit your 4K videos on the move, then Samsung’s new phablet is the phone for you. The IPHONE 7 has a few new features that are nice, but nothing major has changed. It’s got a dual camera for better photos, a new home button and the screen is slightly larger. The GALAXY S6 has almost everything the IPHONE 7 does plus it has an even bigger battery, a micro SD slot, wireless charging and it’s waterproof.

700 jessie st st paul mn
700 jessie st st paul mn

How to Keep Your Phone Safe from Water Damage & Other Things

The IPHONE 7 is rated as waterproof. The GALAXY S6 is not. So if you drop your GALAXY S6 in the pool you’re going to have a problem. Apple does this by covering the ports with rubber flaps and giving the SIM card tray a water sensor. The GALAXY S6 has holes for all the ports and some other things that are probably not needed. So, when you’re around water or when you’re taking a shower, it’s a good idea to put your phone in some kind of case. If you get it wet you’re probably going to incur some pretty serious damage to your phone.
For starters, the IPHONE 7 has a water resistant rating of IP67, the Galaxy S6 has a rating of IP68. While these two phones are supposed to be fully waterproof, I’d keep an eye on that water sensor on the GALAXY S6. Water can seep around that port easily enough and cause problems with your phone. So, don’t just toss your phone in the pool without a case. If you’re going to be doing that anyway, a ruggedized case is probably better. An Otterbox Defender is something I’d recommend.
Another thing that can damage your phone is if you plug it in and forget about it for a couple of hours. The charger has to be really safely (and safely) fixed into the port, electrical contacts have to make contact with the port and all that has to work together properly. It can be hard to do that sometimes, that’s why it’s a good idea to unplug your phone from the charger as soon as it is charged.

700 jessie st st paul mn
700 jessie st st paul mn