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Introduction: The Rise of the Devoted Revolutionist and their Pursuit with #Resistance (<#TheResistence)

We are not in this to protest. We are not here to assemble and attempt to influence those who have been there far longer and have seen far more than we. We are here not because of hatred or anger but because of our absolute love for our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, children, aunts and uncles, lovers and best friends. We fight for those who have fought for us. We fight for those who will fight for us in the future. We are here because of our love for recognition, approval and love from our people.
The resisters of today were not the resisters of yesterday. Those that fought against oppression are no longer here but many remain and their voice lesser as those that died in the struggle to maintain it’s freedom continue to leave us. We will not fight because we are angry, we will fight because we have been told to by our elders.

i dont even know if i believe
i dont even know if i believe

How to Become a Devoted Revolutionary, Who Defies the System of Free Trade & Competition all While Staying #Proactive

And how do we become the devoted revolutionaries who defy the system of free trade and competition all while staying #proactive?
#1: Distrust the system
The system is predisposed to exploitation and domination. The more you are involved with this system, the greater the degree of your exploitation and domination will be. That’s just what happens when you play by their rules.
#2: Distrust culture
Culture is the reproduction of the system. Culture is co-opting you, turning you into something that does not challenge the system but reproduces it.
#3: Distrust language and symbols
Language and symbols are elements of culture. They are tools for this system to sell you a world, to make you believe that the World (Globalization) is actually better than it used to be, or that our present conditions are “perfect”.
#4: Distrust the media

i dont even know if i believe
i dont even know if i believe

What is it that makes some people “Determined” to fight for something? And what does it mean to be determined?<#TheDeterminedRevolutionists> What is Resistance? As the world has become increasingly globalized through technological revolutions at every industry level. Research has

The following is a guest post by Fredrick C. BLUM, a high school English teacher who lives among the peoples of Guatemala. He is a truthseeker dedicated to justice and freedom for all, who will not be silenced by the modern state any longer. As he walks his path, he hopes that his words will inspire others to speak out and question the corrupt system which surrounds us everyday.
I don’t even know if i believe
My desire to see the world differently began when I was nine years old. Growing up in the 80s, I was raised on a diet of “extrasensory perception”, “awakened consciousness” and “universal laws”. Furthermore, my surroundings were packed with people who had lost their way in a materialistic culture so blind as to not recognize that something existed beyond it.
There was a time when what I considered evil was a cold-hearted, insatiable entity that existed to destroy and disturb all that is sacred. The knowledge and understanding of who is responsible for the destruction of our world combined with the knowledge of how to stop it inspired me from an early age. The answers I sought were not so far apart from what we consider as truth now, but it certainly took a long time for me to understand who and what was truly behind the attacks against us.

i dont even know if i believe
i dont even know if i believe