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There is a House Made of Stone: An Exclusive interview with the Guest of Honor

It is a windy, crisp day in Northern Michigan. The sun shines brightly in the sky, and the nearby lake sparkles as if it’s been freshly polished. This is the perfect setting for this interview with the guest of honor at my backyard wedding. Her name is Dandelion. Most people know her under another name, the one that she had to escape from. She’s the guest of honor at my wedding because she’s the bride-to-be’s older sister. Her name is Lavender. I can’t help but laugh when I think of the irony here: Dandelion (nicknamed Denny) and Lavender (nicknamed Len) are both referred to by their maiden names, and they really are sisters. The only difference is that Denny’s jumble of a name has never caused anyone to butt heads with her, while Lavender’s has frightened away many a relative.
But this interview isn’t about what they call themselves; it’s actually about what they do. Denny runs a family-owned business called Dandelion Teas where she and her husband, Cockeye live. Len is a software developer. She recently finished up her first year as a student at the Software Development Institute (SFI) at the University of Michigan, and has been accepted as a full-time employee there.

there is a house made out of stone
there is a house made out of stone

The Great Stone House: The Story of an American Masterpiece

The first time I heard the story of the Great Stone House was at my wedding rehearsal. My bride-to-be’s mother, Margret, told me that their family had owned it and lived in it without any other houses around for miles. It had been passed down through generations of her side of the family. She described it as a wonderful house made mostly out of stone with a chimney, a hearth, and four big fireplaces inside. It had seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, which was more than enough room for her parents and their children. But the House was not just spacious: it was beautiful too. It had magnificent walls with a large bay window in front that allowed sunlight to shine in during the day. There were two large porches on the sides, which were covered with durable wooden decking and supported with tall columns. The floors of the House consisted of thick stone slabs throughout. Though all this sounded like a very romantic place, there was more to it than that.
The House was painted a light blue along with white trim and had a beautiful porch railing around it. According to my future mother-in-law, more than a century ago, that porch railing had been chiseled from one huge piece of stone. And the stone that was used for it had been quarried from nearby hillsides. In other words, the House had been made of tons of rock.

there is a house made out of stone
there is a house made out of stone

Explore this exclusive inside look into the fascinating story behind America’s first stone house, and the legacy it continues to create.

I was fascinated by a house that had been built this way more than two hundred years ago. It was an American master piece that could be called elegant and luxurious. This house’s architecture also made me imagine how people used to live during the stone age, how they had lived in caves, and how this idea evolved into civilized architecture. I felt like I was learning a lot about our ancestors and their lives.
The house, or the “stone house”, was made out of rough stone, rocks stacked on top of each other to create a square building. It was almost like a small fortress. The stones themselves were beautiful and I could see how much work must have gone into them. Small raspberry bushes had been planted around the house, and it also has a garden with roses and other plants. Behind the house is a magnificent garden with an orchard, a fountain, vegetable patches and fruit trees neatly planted — all set in beautiful surroundings. It was like a painting.

there is a house made out of stone
there is a house made out of stone

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