Canada’s Guide To Buying Kitchen Utensils & Dinnerware

Part 1: Introducing Canada’s Marketplace for Kitchenware

Can you buy forks in Canada? Yes, but not the kind of forks you’re thinking. You can buy just about any kind of utensil on the internet. But what you’re really looking for are Ikea knives. Forks, however, are harder to get your hands on in Canada.
When buying anything with the “Ikea” brand on it, you may be tempted to try to save yourself a trip and buy it online. Ikea is a Swedish furniture company that has made a name for itself by providing modern and minimalist designs at reasonable prices. You can buy just about everything from sofas to tables, bedding, kitchen accessories, and even clothing from the famous Ikea brand.

can you buy forks in canada
can you buy forks in canada

Part 2: Buying Restaurant-Grade Kitchen Utensils

In Canada, the choice is limited and the style is standard. The plain white handle and simple, but elegant design makes these knives and forks a perfect match in many Canadian kitchens. They’re also great for informal dining gatherings that take place at home or in a restaurant. They are:
● Affordable and durable.
● Easy to clean. Just hand-wash them with soap and hot water.
If you’re looking for restaurant-grade silverware, this is the best place to buy it in Canada (based on price, selection, and quality):
1. Canadian Tire (in store only) – Cloverware
2. Indigo Books & Music (online and in store) – Lightweight Utensils

can you buy forks in canada
can you buy forks in canada

Part 3: Dining Etiquette and What To Do When You Visit Canada

Fork etiquette is important when you visit Canada. It’s not a free-for-all, as in some of the more casual restaurants in the South. You won’t see a lot of food flying around; and don’t be surprised if your server is quick to replace your utensil or ask about your cutlery preferences. If you want to eat well in Canada, it’s best to stick to what you’re used to eating at home.
There are a few situations that may not apply to you, but still need to be considered. For example, if you have a seafood allergy, you should know that there is a danger of shellfish and oysters. If you haven’t been to Canada before and have never been on the West Coast, let your server know so he or she can tell what fish are safe or not for you. You can also ask about fish allergies from your server ahead of time. And if you’re in a restaurant that serves primarily seafood, be careful of ordering rare or medium-rare meat. You may get fish instead.

can you buy forks in canada
can you buy forks in canada