Dating and the Lap Dance Experience

Introduction: Have you ever been in a relationship where the other partner wanted to try out an experience that you were not sure was appropriate?

Maybe you were in a relationship with someone who was not monogamous, or had a history of cheating, such as infidelity. Perhaps you were in an open marriage, or maybe your partner just wanted to do something new. Since we are all different and have different histories it is important that we talk about what is appropriate in your situation. I will discuss what is appropriate from my perspective as a certified sexologist, and also try to get your thoughts on the subject.
Our culture does not have a lot of talk about what is and what is not appropriate for a relationship. As soon as we get together with someone who we are attracted to, almost 95% of people will jump into bed with them. We are not taught about the importance of sexual communication in romantic relationships, nor is there much talk about safe sex practices.
In fact, most adults have very little peer based sexual education and many have had no formal instruction at all before they were 18 years old. Many of us have had some time with our parents, but this is not necessarily the same as being in a relationship.
In order to understand if something is appropriate for you, it helps to understand what consent is. Consent is giving permission for something to happen or not happen, for example giving consent or approving a situation or activity. Sex does not have consent as part of it; although there are rules about sex that can be age appropriate and still be appropriate for relationships.
Sexual consent has several factors:

is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship
is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship

How do Men React to Receiving Lap Dances?

The general consensus is that men are more likely to react in different ways to receiving a lap dance than women. Generally, men have more of an open mind about cross-gender activities like getting a lap dance compared to women. Most men don’t have a problem with receiving lap dances if they are in a relationship and the partner is not being unfaithful. It is understandable that a man’s reaction to receiving a lap dance would vary depending on many factors, most notably his mood at the time. Emotions like happiness, excitement and even anger can affect how men react to a lap dance. In general, however, most men are favorable to receiving lap dances for their own gratification more so than for the gratification of the woman giving him the lap dance.

is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship
is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship

What are Women’s Responses to Receiving a Lap Dance From You?

Women are more likely to feel upset by receiving a lap dance than men. If something is crossing a line, then it could cause an emotional response in women. For example, a lap dance if used as a form of sexual coercion can cause an emotional breakdown in women since they aren’t into it. If they aren’t into it, they might feel like there is something wrong with them. This can lead to women feeling depressed or that there is something wrong with them if they don’t feel like having a lap dance for their partner.
However, women who are ready to have a lap dance feel more emotionally connected to their partners after the lap dance because they are open to it, and most importantly they trust their partners. Women in this category of their lives can feel more sexual, and more adventurous in their sex lives as a result of having beneficial experiences with lap dances.
In conclusion, women do not enjoy lap dances that feel like something is wrong or fake since that is what tears down the relationship between them and their partner. Women enjoy lap dances, but not ones that are out of control and feel wrong. Receiving a lap dance from your partner is a way of bonding, but it can cause emotional distress if the person they are with doesn’t trust them.

is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship
is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship

Can Your Partner Get Too Attached When You Get a Lap Dance From Them?

If the partner is too attached to you in anyway, then they might get frustrated and feel like they have a right to get a lap dance. If your partner is giving you a lap dance and starts caring too much about it, they might start to feel jealous or pressured. If this happens, and it is not because there is an actual problem with them, then this could lead to jealousy which can result in poor communication and arguments. This can result in a breakdown in the relationship.
A gentleman is to be able to let go at times, this includes giving a woman a lap dance. If your partner gets too attached to it, you may start feeling pressured and jealous. Jealousy can be a big issue for relationships. The more you tell your partner that they are doing something wrong, the more they will feel like they can’t do it, and the more they will get into arguments and fights. This can cause many problems in a relationship because trust has broken down and communication is lacking.
If this is a problem, you should let them know that it is okay at times, but that you don’t want to feel like (S.O) has a right to any lap dances. This can be difficult for people, because it might seem silly for them to ask for permission before they get a lap dance. If your partner asks repeatedly and this continues to be a problem, then tell them that it is okay once in awhile and give them a lap dance.
If your partner is not asking you for permission to give them a lap dance, this means that they do not care about it and are okay with it. If this is the case, you can make it clear that you do not want to feel like your partner has a right to any lap dances at anytime.

is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship
is getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship

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