Elevating Your WordPress Theme with a Custom CSS Grid

WordPress Theme 3.0 – How I Enhanced My Site Using A Custom CSS Grid

If you are looking for a full CSS Framework for WordPress to build your website from scratch, I recommend using the Roots Theme . The Roots Theme is the first (and so far only) Theme Framework that I have found that provides you with almost everything you will need: HTML5 Boilerplate Coding Standards Font Awesome Icons jQuery Masonry.js jQuery UI wp-admin Skin Tabs (or use the WordPress Editor) and “Customize” CSS Quick & Easy Installer
However, if you are looking for something more specific than what Roots provides, I have written a “How I Enhanced My Site Using A Custom CSS Grid” post that is worth reading:
The grid for my site is very basic (four columns left and three columns right). So the customization is small.
The default WordPress theme is not strong on formatting. This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend Roots Theme that has a large number of widgets and short codes available for you to use.

1418 2nd ave s fargo nd
1418 2nd ave s fargo nd

How To Make Your WordPress Theme More Elegant and Stylish

This is a great article by Marcus Belby on the subject of using CSS to speed up your WordPress site . He has included some well-written and helpful explanations in his tutorial, so I won’t be covering that material here. Here are the highlights: http://marcusbelby.co.uk/wordpress-speed-improvements/ If you are wondering whether your WordPress Theme is too heavy: Google PageSpeed Insights can be a good place to start. It will give you a score out of 100, which will help you identify areas to work on. And if you use Chrome Browser, it can help by providing suggestions regarding plugins and CSS that may be slowing down your site. Color can also slow down your site, so make sure it’s not in your design. Just as important as how you style your WordPress Theme is how you’re going to upload to the correct hosting environment. Bluehost only allows .PNG and .JPG files, so if you have a PSD or other image file, you will need to upload it separately.
Here are the links for reviewing your CSS , and for comparing hosting options .I recommend checking out Marcus’ article for more information on this subject.
http://www.whatsmyuseragent.com/ http://www.bluehostwebmall.com/ http://googlepagespeedonline.com/

1418 2nd ave s fargo nd
1418 2nd ave s fargo nd

The Best WordPress Minimalist Themes for 2018

Thesis Theme Tutorial by: Thesis Theme 1.5.6 is a modern, minimalist theme that was developed especially for content websites and blogs which requires no more than 3001px of width to display content in most cases due to the fact that it uses the same width of the content box, thereby creating a single page layout where all of your pages have the same amount of space. With the use of custom post types and custom taxonomies, you can also easily create different sections and posts for different topics.
You can download Thesis theme from WordPress.org .
Title:What is a Minimal Design?
Minima , also known as ‘minimalism’, is a term meaning ‘the art of making minimal objects’ and it’s used to describe an approach to design that intentionally makes use of the space (as well as the time) of the user to maximum effect. In the case of web design and development, it means using a small number of HTML elements and CSS properties to create the effect you want in the most efficient way possible.
The best minimalist WordPress themes are those that can adapt to any situation without being too complicated or requiring an extensive amount of knowledge to get up and running.

1418 2nd ave s fargo nd
1418 2nd ave s fargo nd