Everything You Need to Know about Rapid City, SD

Introduction: Rapid City, SD – A Town with a Big History & a Tight-Knit Community

Not so many years ago, Rapid City was nothing more than a wide spot in the road. The first settler in the area, James J. Hill (a railroad baron), laid out a town site and named it after his friend from back East – Mount Rapid. Hill and his wife were invited to the Wyoming Territory Legislature as guests of Governor Ulysses S. Grant. Rapid City was incorporated in 1889 while Hill was mayor of the new town. Railroads and cattle trails followed closely behind the city’s early progress. By 1940, the town had evolved into a major railroad junction that connected with lines running east and west across the continent, with north-south connections to Chicago and points beyond.
As the twentieth century progressed, Rapid City began to emerge as one of the nation’s great tourist destinations. In the late 1950s, with a population approaching 50,000 people, Rapid City was honored by being named an All-American City. The southern Black Hills region soon became well known for its abundance of natural beauty, historic sites and recreational facilities.

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Best Places for Food

One of the best places to get a meal in Rapid City is at the famous Roadhouse. This family-owned restaurant has been serving up food to travelers and locals alike for over 30 years. It’s known nationwide as the best steak house in the area. Amazingly, they are open only from lunch to late dinner – no big kitchen to clean, so dishes are kept simple and delicious. Sure to make an impression, this roadhouse is also on the executive committee of the local community.
THE HEART of the HOME: Tonya and Tim Carlson of Rapid City, SD built their home in 1996 with a special , hardwood addition. It was made entirely out of trees from the Black Hills region. As this couple started their family, they knew they wanted to have a house that would fit their family perfectly and stand the test of time. So, one day while at work, Tim Carlson began sketching his plans for the perfect treehouse for his two children….

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gillette wy to rapid city sd

Hotels and Lodging in Rapid City

The Rapid City Journal also offers up special deals for those who want to use their extra space. This weekly paper is a great resource for all sorts of local events and activities. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make friends with fellow visitors. There are also many local attractions within Rapid City, South Dakota and it is the home of Mount Rushmore. It has a population of less than 50,000 people and it’s capital city is of the same name.
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gillette wy to rapid city sd
gillette wy to rapid city sd

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