Fatal Wreck in Cullman County Today!

The Complete Guide to Fatal Wrecking Yards & How Do You Avoid Them

Easily tackled by the average driver, but dangerous enough to render a complete wreck in Cullman County this evening. Spotting the wreckage just outside of town, drivers turned down every big road in a desperate attempt to avoid it. However, many drivers with no idea how to handle the wreck found themselves forced into it.
This article contains helpful tips on what signs might indicate a fatal wreck yard. It also provides advice on how to avoid them, as well as other helpful resources for the car enthusiast and all-around safe driver.
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POTENTIAL FATAL WRECK WARNING SIGNS: (at least one cannot be discounted)
– Detached car parts including hoods and trunks, wheels, and bumpers. Except for wheels and bumpers, it’s almost impossible to determine if the rear end is detached from the rest of the car until you roll up on it. Sometimes the trunk lid will be hanging down slightly and the trunk itself will have a very low profile. Trunks get low when it gets taken off the rear end.
– Weirdly missing car parts. This may include headlights and taillights, side marker lights, turn signals, and hazard lights. The latter item tends to be disconnected rather than actually removed from the vehicle.

fatal wreck in cullman county today
fatal wreck in cullman county today

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fatal wreck in cullman county today
fatal wreck in cullman county today