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You can read this entire book on Amazon. Just search: “A Natural Approach to a French Conversation”

If you are going to learn French, this book is a must read. It has a natural approach to conversation that will help you with day-to-day language. This is the only book I have run across with ideas like, “if you and your conversation partner nod or shake your heads in agreement several times during the course of an exchange and do not comment further” or “one way to make friends on a cruise ship is by opening up about your life”. This book is full of practical suggestions, interesting ways to approach conversation, and “how-to”. It will make you wonder if this author has popped in on you and observed you having a conversation. The book is divided into two parts: Part One – The Natural Approach to French Conversation; Part Two – The Natural Approach to French Travel. Here are some ideas that jumped out at me:
1. Ways to approach conversation include: “sit down and strike up a conversation with anyone you come across who is there to talk with you”. (page 14)
2. To encourage someone to talk with you, “an invitation to exchange names or (a) friendly offer of a cigarette is often enough. If he takes out his cigarette case, take out yours and tell him your name.” (page 15).
3. To keep a conversation going, “if the speaker is talking about something you are not interested in, simply say: “I’m sorry, I don’t want to bore you with my problems.” (page 16).

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farm and home high ridge mo