How the Perfectly Plump Chicken Neck Can Save Your Life

Perfectly Plump Chicken Neck – How to Get a Perfect Close-Up on Your NECK

It’s a hot summer day, you have a nice shirt on, and you are feeling good. You take a selfie of your perfectly put together outfit and…you see the dreaded double chin or that unfortunate turkey neck. What is wrong with you?
Here’s the thing – you CAN make a perfect picture. Take some time and learn how to perfect your look.
Show us your neck; upload a picture to our photo gallery. We will give you tips.
-Evan (give me a shout at 360photo dot com)

So, this is an article that’s just right for my niche audience. I can start to link all of my articles to this piece and promote it as such.
I also have a few other ideas:
• An infographic about how to get your neck in shape.

1234 reynolds rd lakeland fl 33801
1234 reynolds rd lakeland fl 33801

#1 Selling Chicken Neck Size Comparison Chart

When the turkey neck picture hits Facebook, the first thing you think is how will I fix this? The first thing to do is figure out where your problem is. So, you check out the chart below and see that your neck is proportional to the size of your chicken. So, if you don’t want a turkey neck then start eating more. If you are 15 years old and think this is funny, then you better start turning that neck around and eating. If you have a small neck, then start putting your money where you mouth is because your $1.00 bill slot is almost as big as your neck!
* I’m sure there will be a joke about the size of the pig in the comments so for future references all animals are proportionate to their size. So, the pig’s neck is not really as big as it looks and it is just a matter of perspective.
* The Chart has been modified by G.T. Reynolds

1234 reynolds rd lakeland fl 33801
1234 reynolds rd lakeland fl 33801