How to Avoid Road Kill along your Motorcycle


Boy was I shocked when I saw a white truck drive off the road; a single whiff of smoke escaped from the rear of my car. I felt the car going off the road and briefly glanced in my rear view mirror as I started to tighten my grip on the wheel. Suddenly, in a split-second, everything went dark.
My car rolled over into a tree and then stopped. The other car never slowed as its driver sped away. When I got out of my car and walked to the back, I saw that our trucks were crushed by the truck that ran off the road. We were crushed with our trucks still in them too.
When we came to help each other, we found a body lying on its side in the underbrush. When we turned that body over, it was wearing clothes out of style a year ago. I know this because the clothes were soft and worn. The body, however, was not breathing.
The air was hot and smelled of diesel fuel and burning rubber. One man who smelled of gasoline stood over the body as if he was trying to revive him. We looked at each other as we asked ourselves if we dared do anything. I took a deep breath and said, “What can we do?”
The other man replied, “We can’t leave this man here.” He walked back to his car in a daze. He got a gauze wrap and some rope out of the trunk. When he returned, he said that he was going to use the gauze to press on the wounds to stop any bleeding and then use the rope to make a tourniquet.

fatal wreck in limestone county today
fatal wreck in limestone county today