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The Best Ways To Sleep in a Car With The Windows Up And People Talking To You While You’re Sleeping

Hey, I’m trying to sleep here! This is a guide to sleeping in your car with the windows up and people talking to you while you’re sleeping. This article is a walkthrough but it should be applicable to most cars. Here’s the trick: The car has a roof, so there are two simple solutions. One solution is to put the hood up. That way if the weather is nice people can’t look at you and talk to you. (This is not completely foolproof because build your car with an air tight seal around the speakers.) The second solution is to open the windows, so you can hear the people talking to you.
The rough directions on how to open the windows:
1. Get in car. If you are in a front or back seat, unbuckle. If you are in a side seat, find a knob that opens the window and pull it (seat belt anti-entrapment). In your car there should be levers that move the window upward and down or sideways. You should pull those.
2. Try to listen to the people around you talking about things that have nothing to do with you and your personal problems. You are going to be in your car for a while, so you might as well enjoy it. If they were talking loudly, put on your headphones and try listening to them over the sound of the air moving outside the car.

can you sleep in a car with the windows up
can you sleep in a car with the windows up