How to Buy Bath & Body Works in Las Vegas for a Discount

Bath & Body Works and its Luxury Products

Bath & Body Works is the leading retailer of personal care and home fragrances, lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Bath & Body Works offers a broad range of products for consumers to indulge and pamper themselves with luxury at an affordable price. Every Bath & Body Works product is made with quality ingredients, many of them sourced from nature and proudly made in America.
Bath & Body Works is the largest specialty body, hand and bath retailer in the world and has more than 1,600 stores across the United States. Bath & Body Works’ unique retail environment invites women to “try it before you buy it” and discover new scents, products and a sense of community with other women – only at Bath & Body Works.
In early 2006, a new Bath & Body Works store opened in Southlake Mall in Merrillville, IN. This store is approximately 10,000 square feet and more than 25% larger than previous stores.

bath and body works largo mall
bath and body works largo mall

Bath & Body Works History

Founded in 1990 by former L’Occitane executive Allen “Skip” Hildegard and his business partner Leonard Aries, Bath & Body Works has become a leading retailer of fine fragrance, bath and beauty products. The idea was simple: Create a store where customers could shop for the personal care and home fragrance products they loved in one convenient place. That initial concept spawned what is now the leading retailer of fine personal care products in the United States and one of the most globally recognized names in fragrance. The business has grown dramatically since that first store, with more than 1,500 stores nationwide and in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as an e-commerce site at
The business was built on a foundation of simple concepts—a commitment to quality products selected for their intrinsic value and sold at affordable prices supported by outstanding service. That foundation continues to support the growth of Bath & Body Works today. The personal care products are full sized and highly affordable. They offer an unparalleled variety of distinctive fragrances, many of which are exclusive to the company. And they maintain a focused commitment to quality that is evident in every product they sell, as well as in their stores and website.

bath and body works largo mall
bath and body works largo mall

What Is Bath And Body Works? A Beginner’s Guide to the Luxury Lifestyle Superstore

It’s time to start living life a little more luxuriously. Don’t worry, though. It doesn’t have to be expensive! A luxury lifestyle doesn’t have to be out of reach for someone on a budget (or for anyone, for that matter). In fact, the luxury lifestyle is full of affordable indulgences: Bath & Body Works in Largo Mall has them all at prices that won’t break the bank!
{Bath & Body Works is a chain store located in the heart of Largo Mall. It has been around since 1990 and has grown from a small shop to a mainstream brand with multiple concepts throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico}.
The truth is, there are very few luxuries that one cannot indulge in. To be able to afford an item or service, you must pay for it or make it yourself or borrow money for it. There are, however, a few ways to get a luxury experience without spending the big bucks:
Indulge in a luxurious meal at the new Hooters Bar and Grill. Wine and flowers at La Belle boutique at the Mall. Treat yourself to an afternoon with one of the many nail artists in town. Take an evening stroll through Hyde Park and enjoy the view of beautiful lights.
You may not have enough money to buy these things, but with a little creativity and love, you may find that you can afford some of them!
Knowing which luxuries are worth your hard-earned dollars is the first step to enjoying a luxurious lifestyle today.

bath and body works largo mall
bath and body works largo mall