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WD-40 on Your Favorite Perfume’s Hottest Fragrances

The first step to giving your favorite perfume an extra kick is to get it wet. The second step is to use a wad of cloth, paper towels, or tissues and rub the product onto an “oily” surface. The next step is less obvious but oh-so-necessary: Repeat until your fragrance has absorbed into the oily surface. Once it’s been fully absorbed, repeat until the smell of your perfume has also been absorbed.
What exactly is the secret that WD-40 is talking about, and what inspired its classic slogan? Read on to find out.
Turns out, perfumes have a few shortcomings. For example, they often don’t last very long and often leave a cologne scent behind. And even when perfumes do last, they don’t always smell great.
That’s why a group of scientists from Switzerland and the United States set out to solve these problems. They discovered that most perfumes contain alcohol, but that the alcohol evaporates too quickly for it to have a lasting effect. Since skin tends to absorb odor at alcohol concentrations between 2% and 3%, they worked on creating a perfume that contained more than 3% alcohol, while also maintaining its scent.
The scientists turned to something they knew well: WD-40 Company’s patented product, which has been around since 1953. WD-40’s secret lies in its ability to cling to metal. The WD-40 Company’s scientists determined that their formula also clung to skin, allowing people to experience a perfume’s lasting effects.

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distance from miami to boca raton