How to Create a Kick-Ass Theme for Your Blog in Minutes

The Ultimate Guide To Gaining Likes on Tumblr

Before you know it, your blog will be filled with likes and followers. You can even make money off of it! But not everyone has the time to write 3 blog posts every day, as well as manage personal Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. That’s where sites like Tumblr come in! You can get lots of followers that you can link back to your blog.
How do I get more likes?
There are a few ways to get more likes on Tumblr. The first is obvious: post content that people will like (duh). But did you know there is a way to predict the amount of likes you’ll receive? Here’s how: On Blogger, go to settings. Under Posting, click on “Customize how many posts appear on your blog”. Under “Widgets and shortcodes”, you can change your blog to get a variety of stats. While you’re here, it’s important to know how many likes your posts receive.
Here’s a quick overview of what each stat means.
Blog post statistics

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2400 e orangewood ave anaheim ca

How to Make and Keep Your Website Popular

Tumblr is all about blogging. Use it to share your opinions, post fun pictures and gifs, or offer constructive criticism on other blogs you follow. It’s a great place to express yourself. When you’re creating your blog, follow these steps to set yourself up for success:
1. Give your blog a catchy title and description. If you’re having trouble coming up with good blog names, try to get some ideas. Think about what your blog is going to be about and write a short description of it on your page so that people who are new to Tumblr can get an idea of what you do. Don’t choose a title or a description that is too specific though! The more general the better, because that will attract the most people.
2. Include great pictures. Everyone loves pictures. Find pictures that share a common theme in your blog and post them together. If you’re posting just a few, it’s cute to add a line underneath each one describing why you chose it.

2400 e orangewood ave anaheim ca
2400 e orangewood ave anaheim ca