How to Dress for Your Body Type

Introduction – How to dress your body type

If you’ve been given the unfortunate gift of manly hips and a petite frame, then your best bet is to work with what nature has given you and play up your feminine assets. Stick to soft fabrics such as silk, lace or chiffon for gowns and blouses. Stay away from anything that’s fitted at the waistline; it will only emphasize your lack of curves. Tuck your top into your skirt for maximum curves [but remember to wear with confidence so that you don’t look like a stripper]. Avoid dressing men’s fashion or women’s clothes — most ordinary styles will only make your figure look shapeless and unkempt. To ensure that you look good when you wear feminine outfits, try to avoid:
— thick, shapeless fabrics like flannel
— colors that are drab or dreary
— accessories that don’t complement your style (except for jewelry)
If you must apply makeup on a daily basis, make sure that it’s light and airy. Make sure the skin underneath is shiny with no dry patches: moisturizers, lotions and potions will help keep your skin looking youthful.

man with wide hips and narrow shoulders
man with wide hips and narrow shoulders

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