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How to Follow Up Your Shopping Campaign with a Marketing Email

Just the other day, you had a super-successful shopping campaign with your company’s website. You hit all of your KPIs. You have an email list that you are sure you can use to convert more customers when they arrive at your site. You have a budget to try some new stuff, and you’re feeling lucky. And then you get an email from your supervisor.
“What a nice shopping campaign you had the other day,” she tells you. “I love the way everyone sent emails about their purchases to those on our email list. I love how your email marketing is all done through that list and we can track everything they purchased.” Oh, shit! There goes your plan to convert customers with those emails, right into the trash bin where it belongs.
The boss has just given you a huge hint that you need to be marketing with that list. If you’re not doing so already, there are only two things it can mean: You don’t know how to market with email, or you haven’t been asked to do so yet.

bed bath and beyond manhattan ks
bed bath and beyond manhattan ks