How to Generate Massive Traffic from Facebook with the Right Formula

How to Generate Massive Traffic from Twitter with the Right Formula

You see it everywhere, bloggers going crazy in the streets, brandishing signs for their latest giveaways or to promote a new product. That’s all very nice if you have the time or money to do it. However, you can cut down on the marketing costs and increase your traffic just as effectively from social media. In this piece, I’ll be talking about how to generate massive traffic from Twitter with the right formula.
The Formula
Twitter is a fast-paced social network that requires you to keep up with the crowd. Unlike other social networks, it’s not about pushing your content; here, you need to pull your followers in and convert them into leads. It’s a subtle balance of giving and receiving as you share information about each other with one another. This is the basis for generating massive traffic from Twitter with the right formula.
#1 – You need to be a resource.
It all starts with being a resource. Twitter is all about sharing your knowledge, helping others and getting help in return. As you engage in conversations and share information, you gain followers and trust. You need to be a “go-to” guy or gal for questions regarding certain topics and issues. You can be a resource in your industry or a general all-rounder.
#2 – You must give and be rewarded.

dish it out but can t take it
dish it out but can t take it

Creating Manageable Website Traffic for Your Business

Surveys show that a large number of Twitter users are job seekers. This means that your tweets can reach a wide audience who might potentially want to hire you. However, Twitter is not the only social media platform that generates potential job seekers. There are plenty of other places to do so, from Pinterest to Instagram to LinkedIn. Unfortunately, these services usually don’t generate traffic in the same volume as Twitter does.
In order for your business’ website or landing page to get a wide following and generate more website traffic, you will need a targeted strategy that accounts for their needs in relation with what your company has to offer.
This article discusses some of the ways that you can use to leverage social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to generate more traffic in your website.
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dish it out but can t take it
dish it out but can t take it