How to get paint off a mirror in 5 easy steps tutorial

How to Get Paint Off A Mirror In 10 Easy Steps Tutorial

Spray a water-soluble cleaner on the mirror with a cloth, let sit for at least 5 minutes and then wipe down. Vacuum the mirror using the soft brush attachment for about 7 minutes. The paint should be completely gone after this time. This process will take 1 to 2 hours to complete. If your mirror is not dry, then repeat steps 2-5 until the paint is dry.
The mirror is dry now. All the paint is gone.
Use a sharp knife to scrape the edges of the mirror and then scrub off any leftover residue with a toothbrush. If the paint is still there after these steps, it might be old, very old paint. In which case, try to find an acrylic or enamel based match for your new color and use that instead. While there are some products out there to remove the paint, they don’t always work. If that is the case, your only other option would be to keep buying new mirrors until you find one that matches correctly.

how to get paint off a mirror
how to get paint off a mirror