How to Keep River Rock in Place on a Slope

Finding Rock: What Are River Rocks and Where Can You Find Them?

It is important to find stable rocks that are not easily moved by water. Smaller rocks contain more weaknesses and tend to move more easily than larger rocks. In other words, smaller rocks will dislodge faster than large rocks. The stability of the rock is dependent on its shape and composition.
For example, a layered rock that has layers of different types of stone may be more stable than an all one type of rock. A stone that is highly jointed may not be as stable as a loose stone because joints are weak points on the rock surface which causes them to move more easily. Rocks with a high joint density will produce less reliable results when they are placed in flowing water environments. As a general rule, the larger the rock, the more stable it is.

how to keep river rock in place on a slope
how to keep river rock in place on a slope

Keeping Rocks in Place with the Help of Sandbags or Lumber

The main feature of a river rock is its stability. River rocks are a very useful material for many things like stairs, forts and buildings. The disadvantage is that water moves the smaller rocks around or erodes the surface of the larger rocks. This can be fixed by using sandbags or logs. River rocks are very stable and do not move around. They can be used to build structures that will last but must be made firm by logs or sandbags. I have been experimenting with this method for many years and have found that the most effective way to keep river rocks in place is to use sandbags or logs.
We usually use sandbags, but we should also try using lumber as well. These methods are very easy and will aid in keeping the floor stable.
1. You can easily get river rocks from streams or rivers and place them on supports like a rock wall or log for stability.
2. If you have a large amount of river rocks, you can fill a place with water to keep the river rocks in place. You also need to tie them together with rope for safety.

how to keep river rock in place on a slope
how to keep river rock in place on a slope

Using Steel Wire or PVC Cables to Secure River Rocks

River rocks can be used to make stairs or walls. You can use PVC or wire cables to connect the rocks together. It is best to have many small rocks connected together for a good effect and safety. PVC cables are good because they are often used in electrical cable but not as strong as steel wire cables. Steel wire wires are very strong but tend to be heavy and can also cause damage if you try to hold them with your bare hands. The disadvantage of steel wire cable is that it is difficult to put a hook on it for the smaller rocks.
Both PVC cables and wire cables can be purchased at home improvement stores and should not cost you more than $5.00 a roll. To attach the cable to the river rocks, use a PVC pipe cutter or a heavy duty cutting pliers to cut a small section of the tube off. The cut-off portion of the tube will be used as your hook for the rocks to hold onto. You can then drill a small hole into the rock for the cable to stick through. Insert the cut-off section of the pipe into the hole, and you now have a rock with wire or PVC cable stuck through it.

how to keep river rock in place on a slope
how to keep river rock in place on a slope

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