How to make easy money from your videos and content by using Udemy?

How to create a successful YouTube channel & how to build an audience starting from scratch

Before anything else, you will need to find a topic that is both niche enough that you can cover all the necessary topics with it and broad enough that there are many people interested in the topic. Be sure to do your research on the topic beforehand so that you can have a better understanding of which niche to select. Also remember to start small, so that you do not end up a YouTube sensation, or a mainstream celebrity from one of your videos. If you have many followers now, then see if you can create a secondary channel for them to follow instead. Be sure to keep each channel separate so you can start new topics as needed and you will not risk losing your followers.
Once you have chosen your niche, it’s time to start putting together your videos. You will need a script, which is basically a list of questions that are the same for all of your videos (example: What is Ebola? How does it spread? What are the symptoms? Etc. ). You also need to pick a starting point, which is where you want your viewers to be going in the end. Also make sure you are clear with the title of your video and the chosen method for promotion.

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What it is about Udemy and why are you signing up for Udemy?

That’s a nice question. UDEMY is a training center where you can learn about anything you want to learn about for free. They offer classes for almost any possible topic you can think of and if it is not available, then add a class request or make your own class by uploading your own video on the topic. Even though there are some expensive courses on UDEMY, you can choose from the $5-$30 plans, the $5 plan is accessible to everyone and allows you to complete 12 questions per video. The course becomes available in your UDEMY account after you have watched the video and completed it. If you have any questions, then you can ask your instructor via a private message or leave a comment for them on your particular course page. Also, if you like the course, then you can give it a thumbs up or even leave a review.
Why I signed up for UDEMY?
At first, when I heard about Udemy, it was confusing. How could something free be so good? It started when I saw a video on how to make wallet hacking tools using Java script. I was amazed because of their resources and videos. I just had to sign up for it and follow the free classes on Udemy.
Now, there are a lot of courses that I have watched on Udemy. I like how they provide different languages such as Java, Python, Javascript, C++ etc. Also with one-to-one mentorship they provide guidance as you progress in your courses so you can learn faster and also learn real life skills that you can use right away in your career or job title.
In my opinion, Udemy is the best online training center you can find with millions of videos available for you to watch.
I hope this makes the Udemy experience better for you.

u verse is not available at this time
u verse is not available at this time