How to Solve the Mystery of Internet Interruptions Every Night and What Causes it?

Solutions to the Mystery of Nighttime Internet Disruptions

In my small town in the middle of nowhere, we are plagued by night time internet disruptions. The internet goes out every single night at exactly 12am and stays off for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before coming back on. We have had a full-time internet provider, but they were forced to lay off their entire staff and are unable to provide the service.
Our former internet provider had advertised 24/7 internet for years, but we never experienced this problem and by the time we were aware of the internet intermittency, they had already raised their rates to exactly what our previous provider was charging.
We are in a very rural area, with no heavy industry or large population centers in close proximity to our small town and have no alternative options for high speed internet access.
I have called the internet providers offices dozens of times, and left messages with their customer service representatives. To date, no one has ever returned my call.
The internet goes out every single night from 12am to 3am. We pay for what is advertised as “24/7” access and we do not get it. If I pay for 100% uptime, I should not experience disruptions of service.
I have asked the former provider and current provider if they can provide a timesheet showing the exact times when they were doing maintenance on their equipment each night and they were unable to provide this data.

internet goes out every night at same time
internet goes out every night at same time

What are Methods to Reduce Interrupted Connectivity?

I have read other articles about night time disruptions, but I haven’t found any solutions that are realistic. 1) Move. Just don’t do it. 2) Get better Internet service and hope this will fix the problem. Yes, I have tried this and it did not solve it at all. 3) U-verse (my Internet Service Provider) has a night owl service that you can set up and it does not disrupt at all. I have been using this service for years but only for two days
4) Pointing out my problem to the ISP since they are the cause. That will get nowhere since they want me to buy more Internet service.
5) Using a VPN to bypass the problem. I tried this.
6) Turn off your computer (or all of your electronics). This will save power, but you can’t browse the Web or use email with it off.
7) Get an uninterrupted power source (UPS). This is really expensive and not very practical since the power outage could last longer than the battery charge in my case.
8) Turn off your phone. You can’t use the phone during the power outage, but you can use it on battery if you have a solar power charger or if you have a car charger.
9) Get batteries with more capacity. I tried this and they only lasted 30 minutes before dying.

internet goes out every night at same time
internet goes out every night at same time

Methods for Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection Problems

I’ve put a lot of effort into trying to fix the issue without success. I’ve restarted my modem and router multiple times, even though turning them off for 10 minutes seems to work better. I’ve checked out hardware issues by swapping cables, power cords and ethernet cords. I have ensured that my router is up-to-date with the newest firmware, but other’s methods seem to have worked better for them. If you have any advice, I’d love to hear them.
The problem is that every evening, the internet connection on our home computer drops. It seems like it first happens during evening hours, such as 7:00PM-11:00PM. However, I acknowledge that’s not a scientific observation and it could’ve even been around 10:00AM for all I know. Once the internet stops working, it won’t come back until we restart the router or modem (not necessarily in that order). Sometimes we can spot the problem happening with specific actions on our computer. For example, if we go to YouTube and try to watch a video, that’ll cause the connection to fail. If we try to download something from the internet (such as an email attachment), then that’ll cause our connection to fail. Other times, we can’t spot any specific actions that are causing the problem. In the end, there’s no specific action or pattern that’s causing this issue most of the time.

internet goes out every night at same time
internet goes out every night at same time