How to Stop a Cat from Leaving You in the Night or at Work

How to Stop Your Cat From Evicted Your House

Cats are a blessing… but they can also be a pain in the butt. If your kitty is doing things you don’t want them to do (like climbing curtains, scratching furniture, or knocking over your potted plants) there are ways to make them stop without resorting to violence or expensive products. The trick is just figuring out what the cat’s behavior means so you can figure out why they’re not listening to you. Trust us, we’ve been there.
Cats may be difficult to understand, but they’re definitely not difficult to love! Here are the 8 things you did when your cat acted up that are annoying as hell.
1. You Bought Them A Fancy Bed
Don’t get us wrong—we love a fancy bed just as much as the next person! But if your cat is using it for its intended purpose, you might want to think about getting a new one.
Cats like to nest. They love to curl up and sleep in a cozy place where they feel safe and secure. Not only is a fancy bed not typically built with this type of material, but the fact that it’s plush and soft makes it a magnet for claws.
And once your cat has scratched something like this, they’ll be very angry with you. A cat’s bed will typically have a more durable, scratch-resistant exterior with a softer interior that won’t react so easily to their claws.

cat won t leave me alone
cat won t leave me alone

how can I get my cats to stay away from me? (more info at )

Try a DIY spray to keep your cat at bay. If you’re not handy around the house, you might need to enlist the services of a professional. A fumigation service can remove “unwanted” smells and keep your cat away from the area. The service is $25 to $35, according to our research with Alene Adams, owner . It’s not an ideal solution if you have wood floors, but it’s a fraction of what you would pay to hire an exterminator. You can find a fumigation service in your community or at least around your neighborhood.
How to: Find a Fumigation Service
Fumigation is the act of using carefully controlled environmental conditions (temperature and volume) to kill harmful pests, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, house dust mites and rodents. The process involves exposing an enclosed area of infested items to fumigants that are generally odorless, colorless, tasteless aerosols for about 2 hours. Afterward, the treated area will take about two weeks to air out.

cat won t leave me alone
cat won t leave me alone

pet owner’s guide for controlling backyard cats which need attention and treats when your other pets are away or sleeping at night.

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It’s always difficult to leave your home when you have a cat who needs attention. You might also have pets that are gone for long periods of time or even overnight, leaving the feline with no one to play with. That’s why there’s a solution for getting your cat all the attention he needs and can handle. You can easily train your cat to come to a specific spot where you’re waiting for him with his favorite treats. He’ll learn to look forward to these visits and will start anticipating them when you leave the house for any period of time.

cat won t leave me alone
cat won t leave me alone