How to Travel from Sacramento to LA for the Lowest Price

Introduction: How Can You Save Money by Flights & Lodging When Going From Sacramento to LA?

The answer is simple – you can’t. You really need to plan out your trip carefully because there’s no way around the fact that you’ll be spending a lot of money on this trip. But there are ways that you can make it more affordable so that you aren’t completely wiped out by your travel expenses.
To make your trip to Los Angeles from Sacramento cheaper, you have to think about the time of year that you go, the time of day that you take the flight and to what airport. The weather also plays a role, as does where you’re staying. Think about all of these things when planning your trip because it will help save money.
The first thing that people need to think about is how they fly into LAX and at what time of day they do so. If they want to fly in early and spend the majority of their time in Los Angeles, then they should arrive at the airport at around 6AM or 7AM. The morning flights are cheaper, so if you time your flight with the morning flights, you can save yourself quite a bit of money.
If you’re arriving late during the day, however, then you’ll be paying more for your flight. The price of the ticket will be higher because airlines charge more for tickets when people catch a later flight. If you fly in during the late afternoon, you’ll pay more than if you do so during the morning. There are a lot of factors that affect your ticket price, so picking the right day and time is very important.

distance from sacramento to los angeles
distance from sacramento to los angeles

How You Can Find Cheap Flights & Cheap Hotels for Your Trip

First things first, you’re going to need to find out how much it will cost for you to get from Sacramento to Los Angeles. The best way that I’ve found that works well is by looking at Expedia’s “Popular Flights” widget. After you put in your starting point and ending point, it will provide you with the cheapest flights and hotels that it can find. The prices will be based on that particular flight, so you’re best off if you can choose a non-cancellable ticket (i.e. not an overnight flight) and a hotel that is near the airport. The more time you spend in transit, the higher the chance of getting a better deal. That being said, there are some shortcuts to a cheap trip that you can take without traveling all the way to Los Angeles. In this article, I’ll be explaining how you can find cheap flights and cheap hotels for your Sacramento LA trip.
1.) A bus ticket is probably the cheapest option here. The gov’t run Greyhound service makes several stops along the way (all of which will have transfers to other cities) and they’re available at very low prices. For example, Greyhound to Sacramento is $54.50, while Greyhound to Los Angeles is $248.50. It’s also possible that you can score a lower price if you find a discount coupon in the newspaper or online.

distance from sacramento to los angeles
distance from sacramento to los angeles

Tips on How to Search for Low-Cost Flights and Hotels on Google

You’ll want to compare both your flight and hotel rates to see which one is cheaper. Compare your flights by clicking on them and dragging them side by side on the list. You’ll see the difference between each flight and how far they are from your destination. Once you’ve found the cheapest flight, use that distance number to search for a hotel. On your flight’s page, click on “nearby destinations” and it will show you a map with where the flight is located. Just right click on the hotel resort there to add an item to your Google Hotel list.
Why Use Google?
Google Partners with travel sites like Expedia or Travelocity so that you’ll have access to great vacation packages at unbeatable prices if you decide to book them through them instead of individually.
The Interface Is Easy
Google Hotel and Flight searches have simple interfaces that anyone can understand.
If you know of any other tips for searching for flights and hotels on Google, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

distance from sacramento to los angeles
distance from sacramento to los angeles

5 Ways To Save Money on Your Flight From Sacramento to LA

When looking at the flights, you’ll want to look for ways that you can save money by using these methods. It will take you some time to look over each one, but I’ve detailed them below. Just know that, if the website doesn’t mention it, try to find flights with prices that have commission included. You’ll get a better deal and save even more money.
-Flight search engines: You can find flights on multiple sites like Kayak, Skyscanner and google Flights.
-Hotel search engines: You can use travel aggregator sites like Trivago to find hotels that are the cheapest. They do review the prices of individual properties, and then ask them to be in a bidding war for your business.
-Hotel reward programs: Hotel reward programs like Marriott Rewards will help you to get deals on flights.

distance from sacramento to los angeles
distance from sacramento to los angeles

How To Get a Price Quote on a Flight Between Sacramento and LA

You can either call the airline directly or you can use a website called CheapOAir to get your price quote for you. It’s important that you do both of these things, because most airlines won’t give you a quote without first getting one from them through CheapOAir. Plus, if they do give you a price before they make it available through CheapOAir, it’s usually way cheaper than anything that they’ll provide through CheapOAir. You’ll want to take these numbers to your airline and request a price quote. If they say it’s unavailable, ask them to check again using CheapOAir (this will force them to search for the cheapest flight). If they won’t give you a quote through CheapOAir, go buy the airline ticket directly.

distance from sacramento to los angeles
distance from sacramento to los angeles

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