Identifying and Removing Creaking Noise From Your Car

Introduction: What is a Creaking Noise and How Does it Affect the Drive?

A creaking noise coming from the drive is usually caused by a problem with the wheels. The wheel bearings are a component that can wear and as it does, it will make noise. The outcome of this is that the bearings need to be replaced. This can pose a problem as it could render the front wheel inoperable and could cause a major inconvenience to the driver.
The main two parts of the front wheel is the hub and bearing. The hub is the part that is permanently attached to the car or vehicle and it holds all of the spokes in place. The other end of it, the bearing attaches to the rim, which is connected to both inner and outer rim. The inner rim attaches through bolts and nuts, while outer rim uses a sleeve that has another bolt on top.

creaking noise coming from front wheel
creaking noise coming from front wheel

How to Identify if Your Car Has a Creaky Front Wheel

There are some ways to detect if the creaky noise is coming from the front wheel. This can be done by looking at the tracks of where you drive and also listening for the sound of a creaking at different speeds. If it is not fixed on time, it could cause major damage to your car and could even cause you to be in an accident.
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creaking noise coming from front wheel
creaking noise coming from front wheel

What are the Causes of a Front Wheel Creak?

There are several causal factors that may result in your car producing a creaky noise coming from the front wheel. These are usually caused by wear and tear of different components of your vehicle. These can include the: bearings, hubs and bearings, spindles and brakes.
Most motorists usually don’t pay attention to these creaky noises and think that it is just a driving nuisance, but this noise can be easily eliminated with the following measures:
1) Inspect your wheels for signs of wear and tear, check for any cracks in the wheel lips. You can also use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean up any dirt buildup on the wheel lip. Brake dust will also get on your wheel lip, this is a sign of wear and tear.
2) Check the wheel bearings. You can do this by moving the wheel and feeling for any play, also you can use a level to check whether there is any play in your wheel axis. You may want to replace the hub and bearings if you find any excessive play.

creaking noise coming from front wheel
creaking noise coming from front wheel