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How Do VR and Augmented Reality Apps Convert?

Many of us have experienced using apps that are augmented with augmented reality, but it’s difficult to know how well it works. There’s also the problem of making you feel like you’re there—which can be done through some simple chips and sensors.
However, they’re looking to change that with a new device that uses VR. It’s not exactly virtual reality as we know it today, but rather a series of displays and sensors to make the experience feel more realistic.
Currently, it’s being tested by Facebook, with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display. It’s called Project Santa Cruz and it consists of five small cameras and one 50-inch LCD monitor. The goal is to add depth perception by including depth sensors and two small projectors that create three-dimensional images. There will be “hundreds of thousands of LEDs” to increase the feeling of immersion.
Facebook’s Alex Kipman, who is leading the project, says that Santa Cruz isn’t a continuation of VR. Instead, he sees it as an attempt to combine VR and AR. The company is designing it for use in homes, schools and hospitals. However, Samsung may be interested in the idea since one of its mobile units uses the Oculus Rift.
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56 st emanuel st mobile al
56 st emanuel st mobile al

Use of AR & VR Apps to Boost Conversions with Mobile Traffic

Augmented reality (AR) will allow you to create a virtual world that overlays your real one. In fact, it is possible that within 5 years, most of the games we play will either be on our mobile devices or on a headset. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is a way of immersing yourself in a fully-digital world. The technology has been around for decades, and was used to train pilots in the military.
Nowadays, it is becoming more and more mainstream with each passing day. There are many companies that use AR/VR headsets to increase sales, boost conversions or even train employees. We’ve just released our own VR/AR app that allows users to virtually step inside their homes or offices before they buy them.
Here are some of the ways that AR and VR can be used to boost your mobile traffic.
To Boost Conversions With Mobile Traffic:

56 st emanuel st mobile al
56 st emanuel st mobile al

#5 Mobile App Download Downloads Your Items Right Away

As you may know, mobile users tend to download the apps they use most frequently. This is because downloading takes time and can be frustrating if it is too slow. If you see that your users wait for a long time before downloading your app, check the speed of your server and see whether you need to upgrade or change the database. Keep in mind that “speed is king” as far as mobile apps are concerned. In order to make your app the best one, don’t forget to make it available for download on a variety of platforms. This will help you reach a larger audience.
2. Tap into Local Talent
Your app should be able to complete tasks that can’t be done by other apps. Gather a team of engineers and developers who are native to your area and can give you recommendations on what features belong in the app. This way, you’ll literally be tapping into a wealth of local talent.
3. Showcase Your Facility

56 st emanuel st mobile al
56 st emanuel st mobile al