Is an Ex-lover’s Apology Text Still a Valid Form of Contact?

Introduction: What is the Definition of an Apology Text?

The apology text is a text message that someone sends to apologize for the time they messed you around. The apology text is a staple of the romantic relationship. It was once a rarity but now there is no escape from the inevitable text.
This blog post will give you all the information, such as how and when to send apology texts, how to craft your message and what to say in it. We’ll even give you some text messages that you can use as templates! We hope we’ve helped make your life a little easier with this post!
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my ex sent me an apology text
my ex sent me an apology text

Effectiveness of Ex-Lover’s Apology Texts and Ways to Recover from Bad Breakups

The first: gaining the ex-lover’s interest, and the second: to get back together with the ex-lover. If you’re here to just find out how to get back with your ex, skip straight down to the second part of this article. But if you want to know what you should do if your ex-lover sends a text apologizing, then read on!
1. Be Patient and Let Your Ex-Lover Lead

my ex sent me an apology text
my ex sent me an apology text

The Benefits of Gifting Ex-lovers a Chance for Reconciliation with a Proposal

The benefit is that the chance for reconciliation is not open-ended, so you can propose to them again if you don’t like their response and don’t give up pursuing them. It’s like being in a relationship with a guy who is not that into you, but he still loves you enough to stay because you’re the one. The challenge is that the ex-lover will be more skeptical if you don’t make the first move, especially if the relationship did not end well. To prevent the skepticism, you can play to the “what are you doing” theme by saying that you’ve always wanted to find out what he/she did after the break-up and that is why you gave them a ring.
The benefit is that it may be more acceptable than a text message or email; people like to receive physical gifts. The challenge is that it is hokey if you have not been in contact for quite some time, so make sure your ex knows how much time has passed since the break-up.

my ex sent me an apology text
my ex sent me an apology text

Consequences and Side Effects of Sending or Accepting an Ex-lover’s Apology Text

A consequence is that you may be hurt all over again and a side effect is that the ex-lover may accept the apology text, and so you will have to deal with their feelings. Unless you’re a masochist, you will know if you’ve been accepted or rejected.
If you want to give your ex a chance to accept that you’re sorry, send it anyway. If they respond negatively and you know they’re sincere, they will most likely say something like “you know I can’t answer now, I’m with my friends,” or “my girlfriend is here.” [this is a type of pre-emptive denial mentioned below.] This will be okay, even if their excuse came after hours.
2. A Pre-emptive Denial
In its most subtle form, the pre-emptive denial is when you send your text and then get a reply from their girlfriend or the ex talking about how she’s with her friends or just it doesn’t make sense for them to hang out yet. This response is either caused by jealousy or a hint of mistrust. They may be trying to keep any possibility of reconciliation at bay by connecting you with other possibilities so that you wouldn’t respond positively.
3. A Denial That Sounds Like an Acceptance

my ex sent me an apology text
my ex sent me an apology text

Conclusion: Do Not Undervalue the Power of a Good Response to an Ex’s Apology Text

As you may already know, the right thing to do is to reply with a text of your own. A sincere one, and not just because it’s polite that way. Doing so will make your ex-lover feel that they have someone who understands them, and it may make the other person reconsider their position too.
But it’s also important to avoid repeating mistakes and make the text you write reflect that. If you need extra help, you can check out my latest article about a good response to an apology text here This should keep you safe from any possible emotional blow-back, and also helps you get a much better look at your ex as well. It’ll help give you the information needed to make more informed decisions in the future.
And with the right knowledge, I’ve been told that you can actually tweak your text in such a way that it will give off the right emotional response. Just remember to avoid any manipulative phrases and other things that might make your ex-partner feel uncomfortable. Contrary to what some people think, you’re not trying to trick them into being with you as they are with their new partner.
If you want to take this approach and are wondering how long it’ll take, I would say expect at least a few days. However, I know some people who were able to do it within a day, so keep that in mind.
This may seem like an odd subject to talk about in a relationship article, but that’s what I have to offer you. If you’ve hit a rough patch and need help with this kind of stuff, please feel free to come talk to me. Good luck!

my ex sent me an apology text
my ex sent me an apology text

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