Making the Most of Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement is a Powerful Tool for Businesses and Why It’s So Effective

We know that social media is a powerful way of reaching out to your customers, building relationships and tapping into the huge opportunities it offers. But how many businesses are taking full advantage of social media engagement? While many businesses are increasing their social media presence, it’s still easy to think of it as a promotional tool, with little return on investment. However, those that are tapping into it’s full potential are seeing huge rewards. The key to maximising the benefit from social media engagement lies in your ability to create real and meaningful relationships with your followers. Social media isn’t about selling to a customer, it’s about learning about them and building your relationship with them.
It’s not about selling to someone, it’s about communicating and engaging with them
The first step towards gaining maximum benefit from social media engagement is to recognise that you need to be communicating and engaging with your followers. A responsive social media strategy will make sure that you’re regularly replying to any comments or questions which are made. This is important as it will display a certain transparency and openness, making you appear more trustworthy in the eyes of your followers.

don t hesitate to reach out
don t hesitate to reach out

Reaching Out to Influencers to Gain More Exposure

Reaching out to influencers can get you a huge amount of exposure, but you need to take a strategic approach. You’ll need to find influencers that are relevant, and that your audience will engage with. You can do this by deciding which influencers will benefit your brand or business the most, and then regarding them as a loose target demographic. Then, reach out to these influencers using Twitter. Use a tweet that is tailored specifically for them (you can get your followers to help you with this – it helps to make the tweet personal) and include a link for them to click on. This gives you the best chance of getting your message across, and it is also something that they are likely to respond to.
You should also include a link to your website (or a site you are affiliated with) in your tweet. This gives you the perfect opportunity to link them back to your business, while also promoting their work and leveraging any content they have already written about your topic. You can also ask them for an interview or comment on something that you have done or produce – this is a great way for influencers to be seen as a thought leader in their field.
Influencers want to reach out to other influencers, so it benefits them to respond and work with you. If they do not respond, don’t be afraid to reach out again. Make sure that your next tweet is more personalized and has more detail. You can also follow them on Twitter, as well as any other social media accounts. Take a look at their website, and then leave a comment on one of their blog posts. This will show them that you are a real person, and will put you on the radar for when they decide to collaborate with someone else.

don t hesitate to reach out
don t hesitate to reach out

Engaging with Consumers on Social Media and How to Do it Best

You’ll need to engage with your followers though, not just ask them for attention. While it’s important to offer incentives, you should also give your followers plenty of content. You can’t do this by just posting links to your website or blog. Share stories of what you’ve been doing, offer some behind the scenes information, and don’t hesitate to ask for input. You should also encourage users to share their own content with you. In other words, make sure your followers know that you care about them as well as your product or business.
You can use a combination of incentives and content to engage your followers. One way to do this is by offering discounts, but only if you back up the promotion with relevant content. You must also ensure the message behind your offer is right and clear – it has to be clear that you’re offering something great in return for their support and perhaps they’ll even get something special.

don t hesitate to reach out
don t hesitate to reach out

How to Find the Best Mentions on Social Media and Make Them Work for Your Business

If you want to reach out to influencers, then now is the time. The key is to find the right influencer; they will be relevant and have an active following. Don’t just look at their reach, also consider their engagement levels. Look at how many comments they receive on average per post, and how many ‘shares’ their posts receive.
Gathering Followers and Building Your Brand Awareness
Just as you want to find influencers with high engagement levels, you also want to find influencers that have a large following. Not only does it mean they’re more influential, but a larger following will also send your message further. A large following also helps with search engine rankings, which will help bring in more website visitors and potential customers for your business.

don t hesitate to reach out
don t hesitate to reach out

Consumers’ Way of Communicating Online and How to Benefit from It

Social media engagement doesn’t work in the same way offline, so don’t expect your followers to patiently sit and read your tweets. They will happily share them with their friends, but this time it’s not just about you. It’s now about them and sharing content that’s useful for them. Social media engagement also depends on the platforms you’re using. So, you’ll need to consider which one is best for your business and for your followers. You could invest in an SEO strategy to help with this, or even utilise paid advertising.
For example, social media engagement is significantly better on Instagram than on Facebook. And if you’re not using a tool like Hootsuite, then you’re missing out.
Facebook dominates social media engagement by a long shot and if you’re not getting the results you need from it, then it’s time to try something else. So be sure to invest in an effective social strategy that will help your business stand out from the rest.
Social media marketing is not just limited to Facebook and Twitter. There are a host of other social media platforms that you could use, such as LinkedIn, Instagram and others that provide an excellent platform for your business. So, don’t let your followers turn their backs on you. The fact is that many of them are now beginning to ‘tweet’ in order to engage with their friends online. This means that social media marketing (plus the power of search engine optimisation and paid advertising) can help you gain awareness through exposure online.
*Average monthly social media engagement by platform (includes likes, shares, retweets):
1. Facebook – 8.15% above network average
2. LinkedIn – 6.08% above network average
3. Google+ – 5.89% below network average

don t hesitate to reach out
don t hesitate to reach out

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