Raymond the King of Queens: An Unauthorized Tribute to a TV Icon

Introduction: What is Raymond and Why is Everyone Whining About Him Leaving?

Everybody loves Raymond! At least they did before he left his show. Now he’s being touted as the worst thing in entertainment history and no one wants to watch him anymore. But is that really fair? Of course not! Raymond was never good, but he was always popular. Raymond was by no means a great actor, he had questionable taste in famous people who he forced to act on his show and had a pretty low budget. But remember, he’s just a guy trying to make a go at it, and if we want him to succeed we need to give him the support.
Raymond Raymond is a man who grew up with a troubled family. His father abandoned him at a young age and he was forced to be raised by his mother alongside his brother, Robert, both of whom were troublemakers. He was sent off to military school and joined the Navy to escape life in his household. After being discharged from the Navy for psychiatric problems, he followed Robert into construction work. While working on one job, Raymond found out that Robert was gay. He refused to acknowledge Robert as his brother, and was forced to move out of their house.

everybody loves raymond the king of queens
everybody loves raymond the king of queens

Raymond’s Bizarre Origins

Raymond started out on a local Boston TV show in the 1980’s, but was let go after the program aired. Despite people begging for him to come back, he never did until he moved to New York and appeared in Everybody Loves Raymond. When the show finally aired in 1996, the whole country noticed Raymond and wanted to know more about him. The character was based on a real-life person from Phil’s childhood. He basically transferred everything that he knew about him onto the TV screen. (1)
Raymond grew up in a lower middle-class Italian family, but the character on television is Jewish. The Kramdens are also Jewish and live next door to the Barones. Although Phil Rosenthal isn’t Jewish, he wanted to feature a Jew in his show because of his own background growing up with Jewish neighbors. (2)
The part of Raymond’s wife everyman was also based on a real person. In college, Phil Rosenthal met someone he knew he could play the part on TV after years of their friendship. He was a very nice, average guy. (1)

everybody loves raymond the king of queens
everybody loves raymond the king of queens

The Character of Ray Le

Many viewers consider Raymond a complete idiot, but his life might not be as bad as it seems. Ray is an average Joe who wants nothing more than to live in Astoria with his family. But is he really a bad guy? Sure, he has a few short comings, but that doesn’t make him the devil (at least not yet). (2)
Ray’s character is colored by the hardships he has suffered. Ray is a blue-collar kid who lived a poor life after his father left. He was bullied in school and had to work hard to support his family instead of going to college, like most people from his background do. His parents taught him what NOT to do, and that has made Ray’s aggressive and domineering behavior worse than it should be. (3)
Another factor that shapes Ray’s life is his odd behavior. Ray is just plain weird, and the writers have painted him with glitches that make him look like a madman. Ray has issues that most people don’t understand, even though they are nothing more than simple human emotions. He suffers from abandonment issues, depression, and fits of anger. No wonder he’s so hostile!
Ray’s odd behavior started in childhood. One day Raymond was playing poker with his best friend Michael and his mom, when he suddenly screamed at them to get out. He flipped, stood up and started to throw things. This was the first, but not the last, of his meltdowns. (4)

everybody loves raymond the king of queens
everybody loves raymond the king of queens

The Legend of Ray Lee  – Part 1

Raymond Lee, the brother of Ray Barone, is a popular television character on Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray Lee has his own website dedicated to him, and it’s not because he’s a minor character. He is played by actor John Cho, who has won several awards for his work on the show. Even though he’s a minor character, he’s still one of the show’s most popular characters. Many people don’t understand how Ray seems to be able to get away with everything he does. Ray Lee is actually based on a real man who worked for Phil. When Everybody Loves Raymond began, his brother Raymond Barone was played by Brad Garrett. CBS wanted another family sitcom besides The Cosby Show, and Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, wanted to make a show about a blue collar family. NBC also picked up the show when they saw the pilot episode. In fact, it was NBC who suggested that Brad Garrett play Ray’s brother Raymond instead of Ray Romano.
Raymond is based on Phil’s real life brother, Ray Barone (Ray Romano). Ray Barone is played by Ray Romano in the series. Ray Barone is Ray Romano’s real life brother. Ray Romano got his advice from his own brother Ray Barone (Raymond Lee) when it came to playing Ray.
Here’s a message from Raymond Lee himself about what it was like to be on Everybody Loves Raymond:

everybody loves raymond the king of queens
everybody loves raymond the king of queens

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