Should You Snitch on Your Coworkers at the Office?

Introduction: Who Should Snitch on Their Coworkers and Why?

When people talk about snitching, they’re talking about being a person that tells on someone else. The person you tell on is called the snitch. Snitches are typically those who have a lot of power in the workplace. The snitch gets to blame others for mistakes and get out of blame themselves by calling in others as scapegoats. They are also usually those who have a lot of credibility with their coworkers and superiors and will not be seen as enemies or rivals to them but rather as allies, friends, and mentors. They are also usually those who work in a position where they have even more power to get away with misdeeds. The people who are talked about in this article are generally people who have power in the workplace but are not universally respected and generally not always admired by all coworkers, particularly their direct supervisor. They are not seen as heroes and they are not see as good and upstanding members of the company and the community. They are generally seen as people who will be willing to say anything about their coworkers and get away with it.
The purpose of this article is to tell those who don’t have a lot of power about some people who do have power so that if you find yourself in a position where you want to tell on someone but don’t want to get caught, you will know how to snitch without getting caught.

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before now snitch on you at

The Pros of Snitching on Your Coworkers

Snitching on your coworker is not always victimless. A lot of times people do not see the bigger picture and if someone does not help out a coworker who is being victimized or victimized themselves, then the victim will just be left to deal with it. For example, if your manager never helps you when you need help and never gives you any leadership skills, one day something bad will happen to them. The person will have no way of getting out of the situation other than by coming to you or going directly to their boss. The only way to fix this is for someone to get involved with your coworker and help them out.
Another example would be when someone is snitching on a coworker and does not even help them. For example, if you were being sexually harassed by your boss for years and nobody helped you, you would find yourself in the exact same situation. The only way to stop being sexually harassed is for someone to get involved with the situation and make sure something gets done about it. If no one gets involved, then nothing will get done.
Lastly, you’ll find that a lot of people would rather be victims themselves than snitches. For example, if someone is always stealing from the rest of the group and does not give any help to others to make sure it does not happen again, then one day the person will suffer for it. They will have to suffer their own victimization just because they did not do anything about it.
So, as you can see, getting involved with a coworker and helping them out can really help both parties. However, many times people don’t realize that they should get involved with their coworkers or when they do realize it, they are not willing to do it.

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before now snitch on you at

The Cons of Snitching on Your Coworkers at the Office

There is a lot of things that can happen if you snitch on your coworkers. You may lose your job, you may get written up, the coworker may get fired, the coworker may write you up, or the worker could do anything to you. The more power workers have in their jobs and specifically a person who has high integrity will have a lot of power and can cause a lot of problems for people they do not like or are just antagonistic towards. There are also potential legal problems if a coworker is fired without due process because the manager just wanted to get rid of them. The manager could then be sued for wrongful discharge and having to pay back wages and other fines. The coworker could also sue for malicious dismissal and be paid damages after court. There are also several other ways to get sued for wrongful discharge.

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before now snitch on you at

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