“Sometimes, the Hateful Things You Think Are Necessary To Say Just Give You A Good Feeling” -Let The Hate Flow Through You Quote

Introduction: What is a quote?

A quote is a phrase or passage that has been taken out of its original context and may seem to have new meaning in the new context. Quotes are sometimes used to combine an important message with an inspiring person, such as when politicians quote Martin Luther King Jr. during national holidays. They are also used in literature as a way to present ideas and opinions from a certain character without directly presenting them.
When quoting a person, you are making an agreement with them by saying that you will use their words exactly as they are written. You are acknowledging that the author is someone of authority and respect. If you use the same quote for two different purposes, you could be leading your audience to believe one thing if it is an accurate quote from the very beginning, but then turn around and say something entirely different when quoted again.
If a quote is used as knowledge, it should be from reliable sources. When using quotes as sources, it is important to know what exactly you are quoting. At times, people use quotes in error; they are unaware of the context of the quote and take it out of context.

let the hate flow through you quote
let the hate flow through you quote

What is the famous let the hate flow through you quote?

The quote is used by some people to express their anger in public. A stock image of Dr. King is often used by those who wish to express anger and bigotry in the name of Martin Luther King Jr. The quote is also often misattributed to civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The quote is not a quote from Dr. King, but is in fact an alternative version of a popular saying attributed by some to the civil rights leader. The original version says: “And so, let the good times roll; let the parties and the fun begin; Let the laughter ring out all through the night; And when it is all over, let us turn out the lights And say, ‘Let’s have another party tomorrow night.
“With the above, King’s original intent was to encourage individuals and communities to focus on their relationships with each other, rather than on the objects of the anger.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. consistently conflicted with white supremacy and racism throughout his life. He spent much of his time fighting against segregation and injustice in his nation and his own community. He became known as a prominent leader in the Civil Rights movement after he was assassinated. He encouraged citizens to fight for what he believed was right, and he continues to have a profound influence on the world today.

let the hate flow through you quote
let the hate flow through you quote