The 25 Best Places for Real Estate in SC

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Greenville is a city in Northeast South Carolina with approximately 115,000 people and a median household income of $42,210. Its population is composed of roughly 40% Whites and 40% African Americans. It is one of the top 12 cities in the United States for growth. Greenville is also a great city for real estate. It is a fast growing city and has been ranked as 1 of the top 5 cities in the United States for real estate. This is a very good location for young people to move or for new companies to set up shop. The economy is growing as well and many people are moving in due to the jobs offered by tech companies like Cisco, Furman University, and Michelin.
Greenville’s real estate market is very attractive in that it is affordable and has low unemployment rates. Many families want to move here because they can get high paying jobs without having to work longer hours. They also like that housing prices are considerably lower than other places. So real estate in Greenville is a booming market.
1. Baltimore, MD

125 meadow wood drive greenville sc
125 meadow wood drive greenville sc

25 Best Places for Real Estate in SC by City

Greenville is ranked as number 1 in this list of 25 Best Places in SC for Real Estate. This is a good place to start to get a feel for what Greenville real estate is about. It also contains information about the availability of properties, affordability, and the general conditions that are present in Greenville. Overall, those looking into buying or selling a house should find this article useful because it provides good information about the city. This article is a good starting point to anyone who wishes to know more about Greenville real estate. It also assists those who are looking to buy or sell a house.
“In addition to the downtown area, Greenville has many pleasant neighborhoods that give residents their own special place to call home.” –
The availability of Greenville real estate is good for those seeking homes for sale in this area. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from in Greenville, SC, each with its own unique qualities and flair that make it worth considering for real estate buyers. There are several qualities that make Greenville a good place to buy real estate. Here are the qualities that make this city a good place to purchase real estate, and why it is ranked number 1 on this list of 25 Best Places for Real Estate in SC.
“A few homes may have some mold growth due to recent flooding.” –

125 meadow wood drive greenville sc
125 meadow wood drive greenville sc

#1 Greenville

Greenville is an up-and-coming city that is well-positioned for growth. It has been ranked as one of the top 12 US cities for growth and has relatively low unemployment rates. People who move here have a better chance to keep their jobs because of the economic environment and strong job market. The population is growing, which means that new business opportunities are arising all the time. The rate of population growth is expected to continue over the next decade. The city’s economy is growing as well because of these opportunities. The housing market in Greenville has also been thriving because of the abundance of jobs and people moving here for them. This means that more homes are being developed to accommodate the growing population. The median household income is also increasing along with the median home price in the area. There are many new homes being built in Greenville to accommodate the growth in population and to help spur it on. Greenville is a great place for people who want a wide range of economic opportunities and for those who want to be part of an exciting time of growth.

125 meadow wood drive greenville sc
125 meadow wood drive greenville sc

#2 Columbia

Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina and its population is approximately 93,000. It is the flagship school of the University of South Carolina system. The city has one of the highest median household incomes in South Carolina. These factors, along with its excellent economic environment, have contributed to its high real estate prices. Columbia is a great place for real estate. For this reason, the city has one of the highest number of mansion and luxury home sales in the state. Columbia is also the fastest growing city in South Carolina both in population and value of property for sale.
Columbia is located on the northern border of South Carolina along the border with North Carolina at more than 100 miles from Charleston. Columbia’s population has grown significantly since 2000 and almost doubled by 2010. As a result, property prices have increased substantially as well.
Columbia’s economy is largely composed of the Department of Defense and its contractors. This has led to major American defense firms such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, as well as small businesses such as Converse Rubber. Columbia is also the home of The Citadel which is an independent military college.
Columbia has a total of 25 schools including 3 universities. Its public school district has been named one of the best in South Carolina numerous times by U.S News & World Report in addition to Time Magazine. It has the highest percentage of students who are proficient in math and reading in South Carolina.

125 meadow wood drive greenville sc
125 meadow wood drive greenville sc

#3 Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is located in North Carolina and has roughly 32,000 people. It is composed of roughly 60% Whites, 25% African Americans, 10% Asians and 5% Hispanics. Myrtle Beach is one of the most visited cities in the United States because of its beaches. Myrtle Beach real estate is very affordable and cheap compared to other beach cities like Tampa and Miami.
Municipal Government:
State : North Carolina

Population: 32,000 = 25% Whites, 60% Black

Mayor : Harry “Skip” Campbell

Councilman : Raymond P. Jones, Sr.

Councilman : William G. Beckett

Councilman : John F Lewis Jr.

Councilman : Thomas S. Harrison

Councilman : Robert L. Carter

Councilman : Bobby R. Briggs

Councilman : Linwood Lewis

Representative : Martin N Jones
Myrtle Beach Real Estate is a very large market because of the influx of new development due to the beachfront pricing, but also due to expansion into other counties. A lot of snow removal companies are buying houses in Myrtle Beach to keep from having poor service after storms, and this is a very big problem. Myrtle Beach real estate markets are extremely dynamic and are changing, but the prices on houses will always be affordable. Myrtle Beach is able to be a vacation destination because of its location between Asheville North Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina.

125 meadow wood drive greenville sc
125 meadow wood drive greenville sc