The 50% Off Sale at Empire Today: New Fall Winter Lineups

Introduction – Why should you shop at Empire Today?

Empire Today, Inc. is a company that specializes in home improvement products and services, such as flooring, window coverings and other remodeling projects. To show you why Empire Today is the company for you, there are several points that will interest you.
Their website is informative
On this website you will be able to find all the information you need to help you with your next project. There are articles on how to best maintain your home, why carpeting is important, and how to pick out the perfect color of paint. On top of that, they also have a blog where they put their most recent news.
They have locations throughout the US, so there’s always one near you. This will be convenient for your own projects.
They are the largest full-service home improvement store in the United States

empire today 50 50 50 sale
empire today 50 50 50 sale

How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Shape

If you have a specific shape, be it hip, petite, hourglass or curvy, then you will be happy with the selection of jeans that you can find at Empire Today. No matter which is your preferred style, you will see a lot of it in the women’s department. You can choose between short, mid-calf and long. There are also bootcut styles available for men and women to choose from. And if you are a true fashionista who can only wear the best, then stay for the special designer jeans that are exclusive to the women’s department.
Especially for the curvy ladies, the selection of jeans are a whole lot to choose from. There are many designers who have a variety of different styles to make you look amazing. It’s a great chance for those who want to look good and wear only the best quality. If you love showing off your curves and dressing up in something sexy but classy, then go for one of the designer jeans available at Empire Today. Some of these include but not limited to:
· Diesel
· Billabong
· Tommy Hilfinger [leading designer, brand new]
· Celine [italian brand, with great quality and prices]
the main highlights of the article: no mention of waist-to-hip ratio?!? there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing jeans: i’m honestly surprised…
re the picture article: instead of using a software to make the picture, i would rather just take some pics and upload them here…but with the current trend in our business (de-evolution) it’s more important to get more hits by using digital manipulation on pictures…and i find this somewhat disappointing…

empire today 50 50 50 sale
empire today 50 50 50 sale

6 Ways to Wear a Blazer in Fall

A blazer is a great clothing item that makes your outfit look more professional. It is also very versatile and can be worn on many occasions. Wearing a blazer should be an easy task, but some people don’t know how to wear it properly. So, if you want to wear a blazer in fall, then we have 6 ways to do it. 1. Wear it with a skirt 2. Wear it with a dress 3. Wear it with your favorite sweater 4. Wear it with a casual skirt 5. Wear it with skinny jeans 6. Wear it with your favorite pair of boots
1. Wear it with a skirt

empire today 50 50 50 sale
empire today 50 50 50 sale

9 Ways to Get Holiday Outfits on a Budget

The holidays are here, and it is the perfect time to buy gifts for everyone on your list. But do you have enough money for that? Then borrow some ideas from our 9 ways to get holiday outfits on a budget: 1. Create a budget and stick to it 2. Invest in a few pieces that will get you a lot of use 3. Wear clothing items for as long as possible 4. Use accessories to make an outfit 5. Use pieces that you already own with other items in your wardrobe 6. Choose some timeless and useful pieces 7. Get your family members to chip in 8. Consider renting the items you need 9. Shop sales for your outfits.
It is also a good idea to make sure that the gifts you give your family members are always from the following segments of our “Holiday Outfit Guide”: under $100, under $50 and under $20. While gift giving is about love, it is also about finances!

empire today 50 50 50 sale
empire today 50 50 50 sale

10 Must-Have Fashion Trends for People With Bigger Shoulders and Backs

People with larger shoulders and backs may face problems when shopping for clothes. It can be very hard to find a style that will fit them well, but there are plenty of styles that can help solve this problem. We have 10 must-have fashion trends for people with bigger shoulders and backs: 1. Casual blouses 2. Loose-fitting dresses 3. Crew neck sweaters 4. Floor-length skirts 5. V-neck tops 6. Slim pants 7. Long leather jackets 8. Tapered pants 9. Lightweight jackets 10. Loose tees 11. Loose-fitting boyfriend jeans
Shopping for clothes that are too tight or too big is not ideal for everyone. However, people with bigger shoulders and backs often have problems finding clothes that work well and look great. Below, we have compiled a list of must-have trends in fashion that fit the bill if you want to look great while shopping. 1. Casual blouses
Casual blouses can be worn at home, in the office, or on a date with someone special. These tunic-style blouses can be very versatile and give you a little more room to move around in. They are casual and easy to wear, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t get the best of both worlds. Casual blouses can also be worn for formal occasions. These blouses have short sleeves that look like half shirts, as well as a deep neckline trimmed with ruffles or lace.
Women usually like using a blouse as an outer layer, or a base layer for their outfits. They can also be worn during the winter or other colder season when you need at least one layer on underneath your clothes. When you just want to pull something over your head and that’s it, you can use these tunic-style blouses instead of a regular shirt.
2. Loose-fitting dresses

empire today 50 50 50 sale
empire today 50 50 50 sale

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