The 9 Most Elaborate, Inscrutable, and Unpredictable Things That Happen in the Bronx

Introduction: Where to Go if You Want to See Something Strange and Unconventional in the Bronx

The Bronx is one of the best cities to live in because it has everything you want and need for a wonderful life. However, that also means that there are many unknowns within this borough. Many New Yorkers might not know or be familiar with some of the sites throughout the Bronx. The following list is a great place to start exploring this big city and its secrets. Adams County Farm Museum
This hidden museum is one of the most fun things to do in the Bronx. The museum is located on Lower Ferry Road, a two-mile drive out of downtown. Visitors won’t find this place right away, but once found it’s easy to go back and check it out. The funny story behind this place is that it was originally used as a bus garage in the 1960s and one day they decided to close it down. But they did one extra thing, they deep-sixed all of their buses. The building continued to be a garage, but the bus was not there any longer.
This secret museum is a great place to visit with friends and family who aren’t familiar with the Bronx or New York City. The unusual building is full of many old buses, trucks and other vehicles that have been taken out of retirement and brought back to life. There are also many unusual movies shown throughout the hallways and rooms of the museum. The museum is very popular with the locals, but tourists are sure to enjoy stopping by and enjoying a fun time. The Bronx Zoo

anything can happen in the bronx
anything can happen in the bronx

9 of the Most Interesting Events in the Bronx that are Unique and Weird

This is a list of things that are absolutely fascinating but you probably haven’t heard about them before, but for me this list has been very helpful in discovering and exploring the borough better. So here is the list:
1. The Bronx Zoo is the most visited zoo in the world, and it is located near Yankee Stadium and the New York Public Library. It has over 9,000 species of wildlife, including elephants and lions. People come from all over to see this zoo. There are people who “work” at the Bronx Zoo for a living! One example would be a zookeeper that spends his days feeding animals or cleaning cages. Another example would be an administrator who manages the admissions.
2. If you don’t want any food, and you still want to eat something at the zoo, you can buy “air” at the Central Park Zoo. They sell it at a snack bar there. It is made of popcorn seeds, but it does not have any butter or salt on it. Pretty interesting huh? Here is another really interesting zoo fact: most zoos donate leftover unsold food to local shelters and food banks.

anything can happen in the bronx
anything can happen in the bronx

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