The Best Of The Best Cafe in Des Moines IA: New American Cuisine To Tell Your Friends About

How to Find The Best Coffee In Des Moines IA

It can be difficult to find the best coffee in Des Moines IA. It’s been said that you can find a great cup of joe every 10 miles in this town, which is probably true. That being said, there are definitely some great places to get coffee in our beautiful state, and below are a list of my favorite cafes in Des Moines IA.
1. Coffee Cottage:
This place is cozy and quaint. The coffee is great, the staff are friendly and it’s just a delightful place to spend an hour or two in Des Moines IA. This cafe has a permanent outdoor seating area complete with two wooden benches and some tables, which is where I like to go if it’s nice out.
2. Coffee Connection:
This is a great place to go after eating dinner late at night because they serve delicious espresso drinks until midnight most nights of the week. This cafe is especially nice because they have the Aveda products and oils you’d expect to find in a big city, but the majority of it isn’t in your face. If you don’t like the smell of coffee you can enjoy your drinks while walking through the adjoining garden where their smell will blend with the scent of flowers.
3. Bonsoii:
What I love about this place is how popular it is, and how friendly it makes people feel to be there. Bonsoii is a place where you can go downtown and have one of the best cups of coffee in Des Moines IA, talk to someone about what you’re reading/working on/interested in, then work for a bit if you’d like before heading home. It’s also got a pretty good Sunday brunch if you’re into that sort of thing.

cafe di scala des moines ia
cafe di scala des moines ia

The Best Of Des Moines’ Top Tourist Attractions

In the history of places to visit in Des Moines IA there is no location that pulls you in and offers the same breathtaking experience as DoD. From its amazing architecture to its amazing ability to get you excited about Iowa, DoD is a must see attraction. If you haven’t already hiked up to it, I recommend you do so now! It is an incredible experience that crosses you right into the military and keeps you there long after your visit has ended. Even while you are in a tour that is going on, you are still able to hear the history and stories of DoD as it relates to military history. Each time I visit DoD, I learn something new and see some of the inspirations that made DoD the top tourist attraction in Iowa.
DoD features some incredibly talented people who spend their entire lives working on these tours. No one is willing to work for free and for 40 years these volunteers have been dedicating their lives to building up this beautiful place. Any time you tour DoD, you are in the hands of an incredibly passionate group of volunteers and workers; who share this passion with visitors and make sure they have a wonderful time while they are there.

cafe di scala des moines ia
cafe di scala des moines ia

Best Cafes In Des Moines IA

Cafe di Scala is a rather small cafe in the East Village neighborhood next to the Des Moines Social Club. It is here that you will find some of the most amazing coffee in all of Des Moines IA. The first time I tried their coffee I knew it was special. Fortunately, this is not some rare imported blend from the other side of the world, but rather just a regular old drip coffee. Don’t let that fool you though because it is certainly not your average cup of Joe. It is smooth and creamy with a rich flavor and bold aroma. Cafe di Scala also offers the more standard espresso drinks including cappuccino, lattes and mochas. They even have a decent drip tea selection for those who enjoy their hot beverages without caffeine.

cafe di scala des moines ia
cafe di scala des moines ia