The Best Vacation Spots in Maine for the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Introduction: What are some of the Best Places to Visit in Maine?

ISLAND FALLS HISTORY: The area that Island Falls covers is roughly 14.3 square miles. Up until the 1700’s this area was used by Native American tribes and was considered part of their hunting grounds. For many years people believed that the site where Island Falls would be built was a witch’s den. During its early years, Island Falls was once incorporated into another town, together they formed the town of Island Falls. In 1843, the incorporation of Island Falls was achieved and it became a city in 1847.
The City of Island Falls has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. When the town was first incorporated it consisted of only five houses. By 2016, when they were just halfway through their centennial, the population had increased to more than 6,000 people – most living in housing that had been build at some point in their history.
Immigrant groups have been a big part of Island Falls history. Many had come to work at the paper mill that was built in 1866, including Norwegians and Swedes who came in the early 1900’s. With a booming economy, Islanders began to have money and move into larger homes. Housing development continued throughout the 1900’s under the management of several different owners until 1975 when Windsor Corporation became the owner.
The paper mill closed in 2005 and was torn down in 2006. Shortly after that the City of Island Falls began to sell off the remaining land surrounding it. As of 2016, several major businesses operate out of the land once occupied by the paper mill and other business ventures, including a regional food distribution center, a greenhouse, plant nursery, garden store and restaurant.

44 sherman street island falls maine
44 sherman street island falls maine

Best Vacation Spots on a Budget with Hotels & Resorts

Island Falls was incorporated as a town in 1872. It wasn’t until 1878 that the railroad came to Island Falls and brought people, business and industry to the area. The railroad created jobs for many people and brought more people to settle there. However, due to numerous floods throughout the years, much of the mills that were built during this time had to be abandoned. Some of the notable mills that were built in Island Falls were the Scandinavian Woolen Mill and The Island Falls Manufacturing Company.
Island Falls has many natural attractions, including “Crystal Lake,” “Crystal Lake National Wildlife Refuge,” and “Island Falls Gorge.” Crystal lake is a beautiful lake that is great for fishing and swimming. Several people like to spend their time at Crystal Lake. Crystal Lake comes into it’s name because of the beautiful crystal clear water it contains. Island Falls Gorge is a protected area. It’s protected because of the beautiful scenery it contains, such as “Gorge Falls,” “Gorge Brook” and many others.

44 sherman street island falls maine
44 sherman street island falls maine

Cabins & Campgrounds on the Cheap with Airbnb

Today, Island Falls is home to many families who enjoy the recreational activities, including skiing and snowmobiling during the cold winters. In the summer, visitors come to the area to park their cars, trailer their boats and enjoy the scenery. Visitors can also enjoy fishing, hunting and boating during their leisure time.
What’s available:
· A short, but sweet stay at the Curtis River Lodge (sleeps 2) – $175 per night, includes a full breakfast and use of the lodge facilities. All accommodations are in cabins and you must bring your own bedding. No internet. Completely private, no sharing of space is allowed. Call for reservation information and rates. (207) 674-41376
· The Soapstone Inn, a two-bedroom log cabin with two bathrooms. (sleeps 4). $150 a night with breakfast included. Includes use of the pool and hot tub. Completely private, no sharing of space is allowed. No internet. Call for reservations and information (207) 674-4321

44 sherman street island falls maine
44 sherman street island falls maine

What is It Like To Live in Maine?

Living in Maine is very different from living in other parts of the US. The climate, the people, and the wildlife are all unique to this state. The people living in Island Falls are also very diverse and have a great sense of community. You will constantly be surrounded by friends or family members as you drive down Main Street. Everyone knows everyone, and you will always find a friendly face. The heat from summer and the cold from winter go hand-in-hand with the beautiful mountains that surround this town. The best time of the year to visit is from October until April, when you will find clear blue skies with cool crisp breezes. The fishing is also really good during this time because the water temperatures are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
Maine is known for being the whitest state in the country, with about 95% of its population being of English descent. Many people from around the world have been drawn to Maine for decades because of our natural beauty and rich history. However, there are a few things that are unique to Maine that most people don’t know about.
1) The first licensed golf course in America was built here in 1820 near Freeport! Many people believe this is why we are known as “the whitest state in the nation”.
2) Maine has the highest percentage of people that hunt and trap in the North East. Many travelers decide to come here for moose hunting season from October through November. This attracts wildlife enthusiasts from all over the country especially because we have some of the largest supply of moose in all of North America.

44 sherman street island falls maine
44 sherman street island falls maine

Conclusion: This State Is Perfect For A Luxurious Escape – Take a Look at All The Reasons and Get Ready for Your Next Trip

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44 sherman street island falls maine
44 sherman street island falls maine

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