The best way to get free brown hair for free

#1 Simple and Easy Way to Get Free Brown Hair

The free brown hair to use on a photo of yourself or an image is just out of reach, right? With the right technique and some patience, you can have that beauty. The picture below is an example of the final result of this tutorial.
The #1 Simple and Easy Way to Get Free Brown Hair
Step 1: Uploading a picture of yourself with brown hair.
If you want to take a picture of yourself, it must be better, more clear pictures.
The picture I used was taken by my boyfriend. He made an environmental portrait of me, so that the light is balanced on all parts of (my) body and the angle is perfect for all angles.
I used some hair make-up for the eyes and the lips. I decided to be optimistic about the result of this photo. 🙂
Step 2: Downloading and installing Photoshop
Download photoshop from:
Install it on your computer.
Step 3: Importing and editing
Click on the “File” Icon > Open in Photoshop
Select a picture of yourself with brown hair to open it in photoshop.If you have a different picture, use another one freely.
You may use all tools available in photoshop’s toolbar to improve the image.
Step 4: Fixing the Image/Changing the color of your hair by using Levels, Curves and Hue/Saturation

brown hair with the brown eyes
brown hair with the brown eyes

#2 Hair Dye Without Price Tag

Let’s start with a little theory. In order to get the hair, you need a photo of someone with that color brown hair. You can take your own or search the Internet. To be able to work in Photoshop, you need to convert the photo into a grayscale image. Furthermore, before you can start drawing brown hair, you need to first adjust the contrast and brightness and bring out the hair. In order to have a nice brown, you need a very light background that does not contrast with the teeth. You can add one just by taking the picture with a thick layer mask.
Starting from this point, you can continue to work on the hair. To get a good definition, you need to sharpen the picture with a blur that has high contrast. Once the picture is looking fine, you can start coloring with the color brown and apply different layer masks for each section of hair. With these masks and different gradients, we will have more realistic hair.
To conclude this article, we ask your assistance in finding: “brown hair with the brown eyes” : “#2 Hair Dye Without Price Tag.
(art by Vicarious)
(art by Krystal)
(art by Mark Ryden)
(art by Ian Francis)

brown hair with the brown eyes
brown hair with the brown eyes