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Introduction: What is a Smart Home or an Artificial Intelligence Powered Home?

A smart home is a home that has been equipped with various sensors and internet-connected devices to make life easier, safer, and more efficient. Some of these devices are installed by professionals while others are bought as individual components. A smart home implements various features like an automated lighting system and security system. Many of these devices require internet access in order to operate and maintain a network connection.
An Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered home is a smart home that has been endowed with cognitive capabilities by the use of Artificial Intelligence. The goal of an AI powered home is to make life easier for humans, thus making it more efficient and safer. An AI powered home makes use of various sensors to identify its surroundings. These sensors are connected to the internet for efficient data collection and analysis. It makes use of Machine Learning algorithms in order to improve its efficiency over time based on the input from its surroundings, i.e. its data.

828 jake alexander blvd salisbury nc
828 jake alexander blvd salisbury nc

What are the Best Types of Smart Home Technologies and Apps Available Today?

There are several different smart home technologies and applications available today. By developing a combination of these devices and apps, you could create a smart home that is customized to your lifestyle. 5 Best Types of Smart Home Technologies and Apps Available Today.
1. Smart Thermostat
All homes have a thermostat, but not all thermostats are smart. A smart thermostat learns your behavior patterns over time and adjusts the temperature based on your routines. A smart thermostat can also connect to other smart home products, such as lights and air conditioners, to make it easy to get your home comfortable at the touch of a button. Three examples of popular smart thermostats include Nest and Ecobee, both available online at
2. Smart Home Alarms
A smart home alarm system can be controlled from your smartphone and alerts you if your home is ever broken into. Smart home alarms can also connect to other connected devices, such as smart lights and Wi-Fi speakers, to alert you of intruders. One example of a smart alarm system is the Ring Alarm, which is available online at for $180.

828 jake alexander blvd salisbury nc
828 jake alexander blvd salisbury nc