The Biggest Red Flags That You Should Avoid When Buying a 27 Inch Waist Shaper

How to Determine Your Perfect Waist Size – A 7 Step Guide

Step 1: Measure your waist. To find out your waist size, measure the smallest section of your torso, just above or below your belly button. Wrap the tape measure around you and make sure it’s parallel to the ground. Your waist size for pants is the same as your belly button measurement. For example, if your belly button measurement is 35 inches, then 35 inch pants will fit perfectly on you. If you wear a 36 inch waist size, your pants will be too big.
Step 2: Find your hip size. Now that you know your waist size, it’s time to find out your hip size. Again measure around the largest part of your torso, this time below the hip bones If you measure 5 inches around here, then this measurement is yours.
Step 3: Buy the right size. If your hip measurement is above or below the specified size, your pants won’t fit. For example, if you measure at least 40 inches around when wearing a 40 inch waist size, then you need to buy a pair of pants that are at least 40 inches around to fit properly.
The bottom line: You need to be able to zip up your pants in the back and bumband laid flat around your hips before you can get a perfect fit in the front of your pants.

is a 27 inch waist big
is a 27 inch waist big