The Complete Guide to 149th Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx, New York

City living can be tough in the times we live in. There are people everywhere and almost everything is sold above you. But there is one area where you can get peace and quiet: up on the roof of your building. That’s right, roofs offer a place to park yourself and enjoy a slice of space away from it all. From an outdoor theater to a personal escape at any time of day or night, rooftop spaces are a great addition to NYC life.

The second thing that happened was a really loud noise noise, like a bunch of people screaming and laughing at the same time, coming from one of the houses of worship. It’s interesting to see what happens in this part of the city and it can be a lot of fun to walk around. I’ve lived in this part of the city for 3 years and I’ve never been to a house of worship. It’s not very often that I go to one of these houses in the morning, but today I decided to get up real early and walk around. I asked a few people if they wanted to go and they said sure. We walked over to the house of worship and went inside because it was so quiet there was no talking from anyone. The only thing you could hear was the sound of the priest talking from the pulpit and I really liked it. The inside of this house is amazing. There are so many angels on the ceiling and the walls and underneath the chairs a whole bunch of them.
[]I’ve been to other houses in NYC before, but not one like this where everything looks so clean and new. All of a sudden everybody started pointing up to the ceiling at once and then there was a scream coming from everyone in the church. I looked and everyone, including me had their eyes glued on the ceiling. It was some kind of a big angel that had come down to our church. He was really beautiful, but it would be hard to tell right now because he is invisible right now. He came down, but he remained invisible until everyone calmed down.

149th street and 3rd avenue bronx
149th street and 3rd avenue bronx

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