The Complete Guide to Air Duct Cleaning and Filtration Systems

What to look for when purchasing an efficient furnace

Purchasing a new furnace can be a daunting task. There are so many different types, models, and sizes to choose from! It’s important to know what you need for your home and the best place to start is by figuring out which type of fuel you’ll be using. Some furnaces are designed to burn natural gas, others are designed to burn propane, and some can handle both. The efficiency of each type of furnace will depend on the type of fuel used in it. You will also want to consider a furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency rating (AFUE). This gives you an estimate of how well you’re using your furnace. And finally, make sure to check the sizing chart for your home to ensure the furnace will fit in your home.
Natural Gas Furnaces
First, let’s take a look at natural gas furnaces. Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel than propane and can be used in more outdoor appliances than propane (excluding fireplaces). Natural gas also has an advantage because it contains no mercury, which means that there is less risk of damage to the environment when it burns. Natural gas furnaces are 30-50% more efficient than propane furnaces. This means a higher AFUE and less money spent on your utility bill.
Propane Furnaces

230 n vermont royal oak mi
230 n vermont royal oak mi

How to Measure Air Duct Performance & Performance Index

If a home is sealed well and the air conditioning works efficiently, the performance of the ductwork system (and the blower itself) are often overlooked. Undoubtedly, air ducts transport tremendous volumes of air throughout each day. The “performance” of an HVAC system is often used as a way to describe how well it performs its intended function by measuring its energy efficiency compared to similar systems. The performance measurement also takes into account how well the system distributes air throughout a home and eliminates excess humidity.
However, one of the most important factors to consider when attempting to measure the performance of an HVAC system is the duct system itself. Because a properly sealed air duct will have minimal air leakage into the attic for infiltration of moisture, ductwork that does not leak increases the efficiency of a system because it will maintain higher air temperature and reduce humidity levels (also known as relative humidity) in the home. In addition, poorly installed or badly maintained duct systems may also cause considerable fluctuation in indoor temperatures and or uncomfortable conditions for its occupants.

230 n vermont royal oak mi
230 n vermont royal oak mi

Duct Cleaning Services for New Homeowners

When you move into a new home, you take a lot of things for granted. You trust that the prior owner did what was needed to keep the house running smoothly, from getting rid of the mice and spiders to keeping on top of plumbing repairs. One thing that often slips through the cracks is air duct cleaning. It’s easy to get swept up with all the excitement of moving into a new home and forget about the systems that make your house work.
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230 n vermont royal oak mi

Air Conditioning Maintenance Routine and the Cost of a Major Car Inspection

Gas and oil furnaces are large mechanical devices that require periodic maintenance, both to keep them in proper working order and to prevent breakdowns. Just like your car, they are subject to wear and tear and should be inspected periodically. This inspection is called a routine maintenance service and is done by a qualified technician.
The following suggestions apply to both oil and gas furnaces, but will vary slightly depending upon the type of furnace you have.
A technician will check:
• The outside unit for physical damage, loose connections or signs of a short circuit
• The filter and its accessibility for cleaning
• The blower assembly for damage and proper belt tensioning.
• The igniter electrode for loose connections, corrosion or dirt.
• The gas pressure regulator and pilot assembly for leaks.
• The heat exchanger for corrosion and deposits.
• The temperature/pressure switch for proper operation.
• The gas valve and its electronic components for signs of trouble.

Title: Air conditioning system check
Routine maintenance of air conditioner systems may prevent problems common to the breakdown of the system and its components. The following section will help you in performing routine checks on your air conditioner system.

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230 n vermont royal oak mi

Why You Need an Air Conditioning Service Company When

The summer months are the warmest and sometimes, the hottest of all 12 months in Alabama. Over 40% of the days in Alabama are 90 degrees or above. If you leave your air conditioner running 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the summer months, it could cost you $300 per month or more to run. That is how much air conditioners can cost you in Alabama. Not to mention the effects of air conditioner failure. If you have to turn your air conditioner off on a hot, humid day, it can be very uncomfortable for you and your family.
Air conditioners need regular maintenance. If the air conditioner is not working properly, an air conditioning service company can help you. An air conditioning service company can make sure that your air conditioner is working properly and can perform regular maintenance services to help your system run efficiently. An air conditioning service company knows how to work with all types of HVAC systems. They also possess the tools necessary to guarantee that your system is running at maximum performance levels.

230 n vermont royal oak mi
230 n vermont royal oak mi