The Complete Guide to Hunting Squirrels with a BB Gun

Introduction: What is a BB gun and how does it work?

A BB Gun, or air gun, is a lightweight firearm that uses air pressure to shoot metal pellets. I always thought of them as just toys and never imagined they could be taken seriously. When I say “serious” however, I mean someone could get in trouble for using them. This is true for a few reasons. First, they are considered firearms and not toys, which means that if a child or teen gets their hands on some and uses them to shoot someone, the shooter could end up in prison. Second, using one to kill a squirrel would not be very clever of me. The squirrel, however, would be dead. With that in mind, I decided to put one of these air guns to the test and have a look at what it takes to shoot down a squirrel with one of these things.
So I found myself sitting at the end of my driveway one day with an uzi-like pair of guns pointed towards my friend’s pet squirrel that was just about fifty feet away. The range for this experiment was about 50 yards. I set up both guns on my concrete deck and prepared for battle. Both guns were the same, other than the caliber. The one I was using was a 16-gauge and the one he was using was a 12-gauge. This explains the size of the pellets that he fired at me. I fired at him with a 22 bullet while he fired his BB’s at me with tiny pellets. I was doing my best to protect his property and his squirrel at the same time.

can you kill a squirrel with a bb gun
can you kill a squirrel with a bb gun

How To Hunt Squirrels With A BB Gun

Squirrels are our most common nuisance urban wildlife and can sometimes be aggressive. They like to run up on us and scratch us with their sharp little claws, come into our homes and steal food, defecate in our yards and take up residence in the attic. There are many ways to effectively deal with them. One of the best is a powerful air gun that shoots straight at squirrels without harming people or pets. There are also different types of air guns that have a range of up to 100 meters – perfect for shooting from inside your home or business. Some guns have very powerful spring-loaded 100 ft lbs of kinetic energy.
The main advantage of an air gun is that it allows you to shoot squirrels without hurting yourself or other people. The pellet is also less noisy than a gun and there’s no recoil when you’re shooting up a tree so it’s much easier to hit your target with an air gun than with a firearm. The pellets will penetrate their skin and they may even die from a single shot.
There are a few different ways to get the squirrels out of your garden: air guns, netguns, and traps.
A netgun is essentially a long rod with a small net at one end. The net has small holes to allow air flow through and it is placed in a tree as far out of reach as possible. Squirrels can pass through the net but they can’t get back out. The advantage of this gun is that it doesn’t hurt the squirrel and you don’t have to go up into a tree to retrieve it.

can you kill a squirrel with a bb gun
can you kill a squirrel with a bb gun

BB Gun Hunting – Legal Issues & Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind

It is legal to hunt squirrels with air guns. However, there are some rules and regulations that are important to follow. The first thing you need to understand is that any person using an air gun with the purpose of killing a squirrel has committed a serious felony. This is true no matter where you live. Therefore, never for any reason point an air gun at someone or shoot at something unless you are absolutely certain it is a squirrel and not another human being or pet. Shooting the wrong thing with an air gun would be a very serious misdemeanor that could land you in jail.
The rules concerning bb gun hunting may vary depending on your locality. Make sure you understand the local laws and abide by them. If you are in doubt, it is best to check with a lawyer before you begin your activities.
It is highly advisable that before you go squirrel hunting, you get a copy of the applicable wildlife regulations and read them carefully so that you will be in compliance with all the hunting laws.
* You are only allowed to shoot one squirrel per day, no matter how many you kill.

can you kill a squirrel with a bb gun
can you kill a squirrel with a bb gun