The Complete Guide to the Location of Malcolm in the Middle

Introduction: Why We Need to Know Where Malcom in the Middle Takes Place

Malcolm in the Middle was a sitcom that first aired in 1996, and had eight seasons and 192 episodes. It involved the lives, loves, and antics of the Cleaver family. Malcolm was an intelligent 12 year old boy who worked as a genius machine repairman with his father Francis while struggling with his inability to fit in at school. Lois was his mother who always knew what she wanted to do but never got around to doing it. Herbert was his father who tried to be everything to everyone, but really couldn’t. Dewey was his younger brother with a heart of gold and the need for attention that Malcolm never had. Lois was a single mother who was constantly on the prowl for Mr. Right. Francis was an over-conservative, over-protective, and under-endowed disciplinarian father of three who still loved his boys. Oh yeah…and we all know how Dewey’s nickname is derived from Dewey cake.

where does malcolm in the middle take place
where does malcolm in the middle take place

Top 5 U.S. States Likely to be Where Malcolm In The Middle Takes Place

The show took place mostly in the town of Malcolm and the suburbs, but filming also took place in other places such as New York City, California, and Las Vegas. However, a handful of scenes and background pieces were filmed in the small town of Winnetka, Illinois. These scenes did not take place there at all! In fact the town of Winnetka has never appeared in any episode. It was always just shot as the suburbs of Chicago.
The show’s cast is from California (USA), mainly from Los Angeles and San Diego, with a few actors from Orange County.
Actors who have portrayed Malcolm in the Middle characters and their home town for which they are most well known:
Arnold Jackson: Los Angeles, California.
Christian Clem: Los Angeles, California.
Dana Carvey: San Diego, California.
Jane Krakowski: Chicago, Illinois.
Michael McKean: New York, New York.
Moreno: San Diego, California.
Sean Hayes: Chicago, Illinois.
Tcheky Karyo: Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California.
In 2009, ABC launched a new website to promote their shows and include episodes up for download for the first time.
In 2010, Malcolm In The Middle was re-aired on ABC Family from October 5, 2010 to November 25, 2011 as part of their “Countdown to 100: The Best Shows That Never Aired on TV” marathon campaign.
Also in 2010, FOX began re-airing Malcolm In The Middle on their network after a seven-year hiatus from them.

where does malcolm in the middle take place
where does malcolm in the middle take place