The Complete Guide to Trash and Recycling Pickup in Rockhill SC

Introduction: The Purpose of Trash Pickup; Who is Responsible?

Numerous issues can arise with residential trash pick up. One of the reasons for this is that many homeowners don’t know who is responsible for it. Trash pickup varies from city to city and from county to county; in some areas, it solely falls on the homeowner, while in others the responsibility lies with a group of homeowners who are “dumpster diving” friends or neighbors. In yet others, the responsibility falls on a city service. Understanding who is responsible for trash pickup can be difficult, as it varies depending on location. The purpose of this article is to look at the laws and regulations surrounding trash pickup, and will attempt to answer the following general questions:
• Who is responsible for trash pick up?
• Why does it vary?
• Is trash pick up a community service?

residential trash pick up rock hill sc
residential trash pick up rock hill sc

Who is Responsible for Trash Pickup in Rock Hill SC?

In Rock Hill, SC, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to hire a company that picks up trash, although it takes a bit of investigative work to determine which company you should use. Companies offer different types of services; they may not respond to your first phone call. If you want to get your trash picked up in a timely manner, you’ll want to shop around for a good deal.
Rock Hill, SC’s trash pickup services are provided by the city of Rock Hill’s Department of Public Works. Rock Hill’s Department of Public Works does not provide trash collection services for your yard waste or mulch. You can find out more about the city’s yard waste and mulch programs at Rock Hill’s website .
Rock Hill, SC is a small community that is easily conveniently accessed by both Interstate 77 and I-85. So, if you live in Rock Hill, SC and would like to know who picks up your trash, the following information will help you determine who is responsible for the pick up of your trash.
Rock Hill’s municipal code provides for a four-tier trash collection system. All waste generated in Rock Hill must be collected by the appropriate department and disposed of appropriately.
The City of Rock Hill has four collection tiers that dictate what type of service a resident requests when they request trash service. Residents can choose between curb-side collection, a dumpster, yard waste collection and/or mulch collection.
The City’s trash ordinance and code of ordinances are codified in Chapter 5:70 Solid Waste Management.

residential trash pick up rock hill sc
residential trash pick up rock hill sc

Pick-up trucks and containers for junk removal

A pick-up truck and a container is needed if you want to hire a service for residential trash removal. Containers are the best for getting rid of large and small items all in one day, rather than doing so over a period of days or weeks. Trash containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including small ones to fit neatly in the trunk of a car, large ones that require a pick-up truck to transport them, and somewhere in between.
While the way you pick-up the unit will depend on whether you have a large or small vehicle, there are some essentials that your trash removal company should have in their vehicle at all times. The main one that almost all companies need is a recycling bin. This is important to get rid of glass, trash cans and other harmful materials from your home that are not meant for being thrown into the garbage.
Other essentials that should be included in all vehicles include a backup battery or charger, a hand truck, and straps for tying down large items. You should also have a broom and mop in the vehicle for sweeping up debris from any area your truck may have been parked. Finally, there should be foam rubber mats in every vehicle to cushion against things such as scrap wood or branches. These help to avoid scratching or denting the paint of your vehicle.
Where your company chooses to store their containers is also important. It is best to choose a location that will keep the items in them dry, but not so far away that they need the surge of power from the vehicle. A parking lot or garage works best for this kind of storage.

residential trash pick up rock hill sc
residential trash pick up rock hill sc